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Contest entry for The Dialogue 500 - Halloween short story
        “What? Where are you? Who are you?”

        “I’m right here. You know me very well.”

        “But I don’t see you! Why can I hear you but not see you!?”

        “Now, Dianne, why do you think you can’t see me.”

        “H-How do you know my name?”

        “I told you, I know you. Now think about who I might be.”

        “I-I don’t believe in ghosts, so I must be imagining this, that’s right I’m imagining this! No one is talking to me!”

        “Oh, come on Dianne! Think! You know who I am!”

        “Ok, so if I know you, you know I don’t believe in ghosts, so why are you here? Why have you decided that you need to come to see me now? Am I losing my mind?”

        “No, you are not losing your mind, I’ve come to tell you something important.”

        “Tell me what? What is that important? What are you talking about?”

        “I did not think it would be this hard for you, you were always so open-minded about supernatural stuff. Why you even believe in Aliens! Why are you having such a hard time believing I’ve come to see you?”

        “There just cannot be ghosts! You either go to heaven or hell when you d-die.”

        “So, you’d rather believe you are going insane than to believe that I have come to deliver a message to you? Oh, and, by the way, who said I was dead or a ghost?”

        “What!?! I’m going crazy that’s all, this is not real!”

        “Are we going through that again?”

        “Ok, if you’re not a ghost and you say you know me, you’ve got some explaining to do, so start talking!”

        “Now, there’s the Dianne I know and love!”


        “Okay! Just give me a minute! I have to get my thoughts together, you almost made me forget, with all your carrying on about ghosts and such!”

        “You’re not a ghost? Really, you are not a ghost?”

        “No, I am not a ghost! I have come to tell you something important about what you are going to do in a few years.”

        “In a few years?”

        “Yes, a few years.  I can’t be more specific about the time frame, but I wanted to tell you to be ready and to try not to be too afraid, timid, or shy.  You are going to be just fine, but I did want to give you a warning that something new and strange was coming your way.”

        “Okay, what is new and strange? You need to be more specific and tell me who you are and how you are talking to me if you are not a ghost!”

        “I can’t be more specific about all of this. Dianne, don’t you know who I am by now?”

        “You tell me I am going to do something new and strange in a few years, but you can’t tell me anything else? Who are you??”

        “Why, Dianne, I am you!”
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