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Thought and planning were absent, so I wrote this with nothing but hope. and this is it.
I am becoming rather concerned,
About the position of my disposition.
I remember when it was light and breezy,
When life seemed to be so easy.

But as time has passed me by...
With all the changes, by which I can't abide.
Pushing me further and further away,
From the man I was yesterday.
Should I accept that change is inevitable?

As the world around me becomes unendurable.
I feel my disposition crumbling.
Waves of doubt are crashing over me.
Reducing my tranquillity.

Can there ever be some kind of improvement?
Not for the world out there,
That's for certain.
So, I look inwards for attitudinal changes.
An adjustment of my lost position.

That brings me to a jagged point,
And I recognise some familiar feelings.
Is that joy? I remember you well.
There's your friend happiness, it's been so long.

As I round the bend of acceptance,
Tears roll down my face with the realisation.
That the position of my disposition,
Had never shifted at all...it was me.

Coming home for the first time in years,
A calm came over me as I lay.
The hands of angels touched my soul.
Peace was finally with me that beautiful day.

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