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Bacteria is swabbed from the outside of the ISS. Alien, which will save our planet from us
There was a knock at the door.

”Come in.” said Dr Bradley Charles.

Dr Charles' assistant Jim Rodgers was there to discuss the latest results.

“Dr Charles, it's mutated again.”

“That's impossible,” he said...not wanting to believe his assistant, more from fear than mistrust. As he stared at his monitor, and the report with the data, he now knew for a fact that the impossible had happened, and the bacteria had somehow mutated in the space of a few days...undeniably confirming it as the most dangerous organism he or any other scientist had ever had to contain within a laboratory...and if it was accidentally released now before they had something to control it, the results would be catastrophic for all mankind.

The bacteria had arrived in his research facility only a few months before and had gone through many mutations since. Each time they threw something new at it, it was as if it absorbed the agent, then changed its own molecular structure, and the next time it was exposed, no bacteria died as a result.

Dr Charles continued to stare at the screen, and a look of concern spread across his face. ”If this were to fall into the wrong hands Jim, I don't know if there would be any stopping it.”

Routine swabs taken from the outer surface of the ISS had found a new type of bacteria, leading to speculation it could be extraterrestrial.

At the White House, senior security adviser to President Bradbury, Peter Ngu, had prepared his report and was presenting what he knew so far about the bacteria to a meeting of the top brass.

”It's not from Earth gentlemen, that I can confirm...and it is tough.”

President Bradbury was the only one asking questions, at least for the moment. “Where is it being stored?”

”Dr Bradley Charles' lab in Utah sir, it is one of the best research facilities in the country...very secure.”

The President continued, ”From preliminary test results I am glad to hear that, keep me informed on any progress...when they come up with something that can kill it I want to know immediately.”

“Colonel Peters!” the president addressed one of the uniformed men, who by this stage were quietly discussing among themselves what they thought should be done with this visitor from outer space.

“Yes, Mr President.”

“We will need to discuss what military applications this new discovery may have.”

“Sir, until we find the answer to what it is, and how to control it, it is not an agent we can use.”

“Yes yes,” the Commander and Chief barked impatiently, “but once we have that...an antidote...a cure.”

His words trailed off and into his own thoughts for such an organism. To release an agent on their ever-growing enemies may be something the President should consider. If only those white jackets would hurry up and find the way.

“It's in Utah John. We have men ready to take the facility, armed, and all prepared to die for the cause.”

The cause being the ultimate sacrifice...the pure hatred of our species. Seeing human beings as the problem, and their mission as the cure...to cleanse the Earth of the human disease.

Dr Charles heard a loud explosion, and through his window saw smoke billowing from the guardhouse gates. His fear that there might have been an accident in one of the labs was replaced by a new thought...from what would happen if the bacteria accidentally escaped before a cure was found, to what if it was stolen by terrorists and held to ransom or sold to the highest bidder.

He quickly made his way out of his office towards the exit as alarms sounded loudly throughout the facility. He rounded a corner and was met by men wearing fatigues and carrying assault rifles, demanding to be taken to the lab that contained the answer.

”But there is no cure, we will all be dead in days if exposed to it.”

He didn't know it yet, but they were all to be martyrs, carrying to the world the answer to Mother Earth's problem. Humankind wiped out by an alien traveller, delivered by those who see us as the problem, and willing to sacrifice the entire human species to deliver her the solution.

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