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Hermione Granger's response to Harry Potter's name being drawn from the Goblet of Fire.
Task 1-3: Imagine the following scenario: Harry’s name gets pulled out of the cup, even though it is forbidden for his year to enter the contest. He never entered and, as far as he knows, no one entered for him. What happens next?

Characters: Hermione, Harry, Ron

Each member of the team will choose a different character from the list above and write about their feelings and thoughts (in form of a story, poem, or any other form preferred) when they heard his name being called out. If your best friend told you they would not do something and they did it anyway, how would you feel?

Written for "Harry Potter and the Writers' Spell (Harry Potter and the Writer's Spell).

For sections where the story may differ from the movie, this was inspired by the book.

This is so exciting! It’s Hallowe’en night and the Great Hall is filled with so much anticipation as we all wait for the Goblet of Fire to choose the Triwizard Champions. These sorts of events are always so electrifying and I can’t wait to see who gets picked. As Dumbledore said, the Triwizard Tournament was established 700 years ago as a friendly competition between the three largest European schools of wizardry: Hogwarts, Beauxbatons, and Durmstrang. The tournament has historically been very dangerous, so only the best of the best witches and wizards are ever chosen to compete. Fred and I both hope Angelina is chosen, but I suppose we’ll just have to wait and see.

Everyone is still eating, but I wish they’d just get on with the selection. The other two European wizarding schools, Beauxbatons and Durmstrang, are here – I hope they’re impressed with our Great Hall. I’m sure Hogwarts’s is the best of the three!

Dumbledore is taking forever to eat. Everyone is looking at the Headmaster, trying their best to be polite, but I think we’re all still half-stuffed from yesterday’s feast. Harry and Ron are anxious too, I can tell. Can't we just get on with it? I’ve read plenty of historical accounts of the early Triwizard Tournaments, and it’s always the same feeling. The nerves of those who put their names in the goblet are practically palpable in the air. And for the rest, the anxiety over who will be chosen to represent their school. Who will be picked? Who won’t be? I’m too excited to finish dessert!

Oh! Finally! It looks like they are finally getting on with the ceremony. The Goblet of Fire is certainly something else! Dumbledore gracefully extinguishes all the candles throughout the Hall. I can’t help but imagine how long it would take my muggle parents – my poor folks – to climb up to the ceiling to blow out each candle one by one.

The Goblet of Fire glows with blue and white flames that burn my eyes if I look at them for too long. The flames remind me that I’ve been meaning to ask about a shielding spell for bright lights – I’ll have to visit the library about that later. I need to study for my Defense Against the Dark Arts class too. Why is this taking so long?

Suddenly, the flames change from blue to red and sparks shoot out into the darkness of the Hall. It’s quite striking, really, though a bit showy. A single piece of parchment flutters out from the goblet for Dumbledore to grab. He reads it quickly and calls the Durmstrang champion, Viktor Krum. Yes, that’s no surprise at all. He’s the Seeker on Durmstrang’s Quidditch team, and quite … well … I won’t say he’s good looking, but I suppose he’s easy on the eyes. A bit of a meathead though.

Next, Fleur Delacour is called for Beauxbatons. I learned about the witches from Beauxbatons – they are veela, semi-human magical beings with white-gold hair and skin that appears to shine. Most of the witches are only half or quarter veela, so I wonder what percent Fleur is. The other witches around her seem to be taking her being picked a bit hard. Some are even crying! I guess they’re pretty competitive at that school, but if they aren’t good enough to be their Academy’s Champion, then they just aren’t. They’ll just have to study harder.

Okay, now it’s finally time for the Hogwarts Champion to be chosen! The fire in the goblet glows red again and Dumbledore reads the name on the parchment, “Cedric Diggory.” Well, I would have thought it would be a wizard from Gryffindor, but no matter. I don’t think Cedric will make a fool of us. He’s quite popular at least, and has always been a nice enough fellow. Besides, the Goblet of Fire would never choose someone who would embarrass their school. Cedric has always been honorable, I know – he even offered to replay the Quidditch match where Harry was overtaken by the Dementors. I’m sure Cedric will represent Hogwarts nobly.

The applause goes on a while before the Triwizard Cup is finally revealed. It is a spectacular sight! It is almost as blue as the fire in the Goblet!

Wait, what’s going on? Harry is looking back at the Goblet. Dumbledore is looking at it again as well. All of a sudden, the flames turn red again! It spits sparks and another parchment flies out into Dumbledore’s hand! This cannot be happening … Three have already been chosen.

Dumbledore says Harry’s name.

Everyone is silent. Harry doesn’t move. I can hear disturbed whispers from the witches and wizards all around us. How can this be? Harry’s not 17 yet! I see Professor McGonagall whisper in Dumbledore’s ear with a furrow in her brow. Everyone is staring at us. Well, staring at Harry. He still isn’t moving, so I give him a little shove. The Goblet’s choices are final, so he cannot get out of this now, but how did he manage to put his name in the Goblet? Dumbledore put up a very strong spell to prevent anyone who was underage from entering their name. So, how did Harry get past that powerful magic? Sure, Harry’s done stupid things in the past, but let’s be honest … he doesn’t study like he should so there’s no way he could have outsmarted Dumbledore.

Harry looks back at Ron and me imploringly. He mouths something about not putting in his name, and I try to say something back, but already he is walking away and his back is to us. I don’t believe he could have entered his name, but a quick glance at Ron proves that he doesn’t feel the same. Ron has been seriously jealous of Harry lately for some silly reason. Harry does certainly look astonished, I’ll give him that. I do worry about him though. Who could have put his name in? Perhaps it was someone who means him harm? Fourth years aren’t meant to compete! The tournament is far too dangerous for inexperienced wizards. They could get themselves killed.

I watch as Harry disappears in the back of the Hall and make a plan to confront him later tonight. If he put his name in the Goblet, he won’t hear the last of it from me. If he did not and this was meant for his harm, we will find the foul gargoyle who did this.

Word Count: 1087
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