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Fear is our greatest motivator & we all fear something. Mine is the unknown, but why?
What am I so afraid of?
That's more than I can undertake
Fearing success as much as I fear failure
So, I sabotaging any efforts I make

Conscious decisions without thought
It's the subconscious by which we must abide
Choices made without consultation
Seems I am just along for the ride

Why I do what I do?
In moments of clarity, at times I see
Insight....before reality and anxiety kicks in
Subconscious calls it a day, and for once, I agree

Denial plays its insidious role
A supporting actor on the stage that's my life
Pretending important things don't matter
Living my days on the edge of a knife

Pull the covers over my head
Say a prayer, and hope for the best
I don't want to deal with reality
But avoidance won't pass life's test

Fear is my main motivation
And again, the question is why?
When physical pain is never an issue
Yet emotional pain makes curl up and cry

I am not yet ready for answers
But I cannot continue this charade
Something, in the end, must give
It won't just rain but will pour on my parade

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