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by Yuig
Rated: 18+ · Fiction · Other · #2235692
You will be pleasing different arrowverse characters
You are friends with the members of the super team (most of the woman from the arrowverse) you are really short and they reach Amazonian heights!
Since they have to be saving the world all the time it's your job to please them all!

Y/n enter star labs, the first thing you see is Sara lance's tits! You get face planted to the floor. Luckily the impact didn't do anything to me. You get used to this because if you live in a facility with girls around the heights of 7'5 and you're around 4'7 this happens a lot. Anyway Sara bends over to look over her boobs and says
"Hey Y/n! I didn´t see you down there little guy! I was just coming from a mission" she says as she gives me small hug and kiss (sadly in the cheek) "well you should get going inside, I heard Jesse came back from running around the city" Sara continuous
"But, you just came back!" you say while hugging her pale, smooth abdomen, which it was marked by muscles. "I will come back to see you later, now go inside"

After entering the facility you head straight to the speed lab before passing through the control room where Lena and Caitlin where working. Then when you got there you was surprised by the image of Jesse quick on the floor. Jesse wasn't as tall as the others, but still looked like an amazon to me, but since we both shared a sweat and foot fetish she was really fun to be around with. Plus from her being a speedster it meant that she produced tons of sweat.
"Hey! Jesse!" you said as she raised her head from the floor. "There is my little sole cleaner she says jokingly as you get closer she gives me a hug submerging me in her smooth and silky body.
"I’m really tired do you mind giving me a massage?" she says.
"Not at all am I going to ask Lena if she can shrink me!" you say.
"I’m even more turned on, c'mon I’ll take ya" as she says this she unzips the frontal part of her costume revealing a grey sweatshirt where she chugs me in then she zips it right back so you ended up trapped in her costume with my neck between her boobs.
"Hey Lena! Could you shrink this little guy for a foot massage?" Jesse asks pointing at your little head between her boobs.
"Sure, here you go" she says while shrinking me to the point where you fell to the floor.
"Awwww" Jesse says "look at him he is so cute" her foot slams into, wait trough me, she vibrates her suit so that you can get up and personal with her feet.
The inside of her suit is a sauna, it's filled to the brim with sweat and toe jam, you started by licking her foot, she wiggles her toes while you happily eat her toe jam between them. It was really salty, it was nice and the more you slurped the more erected you got. Jesse clearly noticed this, as she vibrated me out of her newly cleaned feet.
"Good job! You might even earn a reward!"
"Jesse, you have to get back to the streets with Kara!" Lena told the speedster.
"Ugh! Fine, but see you later little guy!" Jesse answered
"What should I do with you?" said Lena with a playful look.
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2235692-Shrunk-with-arrowverse-characters