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It probably isn't XGC but better overated than underated.
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Estelle blushed when she even thought the word quickie. It was the height of naughtiness in her eyes. Before Stephen, it rarely even crossed her mind. Since she met Stephen she would find herself playing with the word in her head at the oddest times. Like while she was stretching fake spiderwebs throughout her living room. She was tentatively decorating for a party. That was something new for her too.

Before Stephen, wallflower didn't describe Estelle completely, recluse was more like it. Since Stephen, Estelle had opened her horizons. For the first time in her life she wasn't just going to a party, a rare thing before, she was actually the hostess.
Estelle looked over the buffet of Halloween themed foods, mummy hot dogs, bat cupcakes, and Frankenstein brownies. Estelle heard the sound of the key in the door. Stephen was home.

He came into the living room with a pile of boxes. He quickly put them down and looked over the decorations. Then he looked Estelle over. "Aren't you the most beautiful she-wolf? You make me want to howl at the moon." He reached for her and wrapped his arms around her. His hands found her tender places and she melted a little on the inside. "How about a little pre-party?"

Estelle blushed and melted, even more, when he began nibbling on her neck. Estelle giggled. That was when the doorbell rang. The first of their guests had arrived, unfashionable early. Estelle sighed, frowned, and started to push away to answer the door.

"The party doesn't officially start for ten minutes. They can wait." He pushed back a strand of hair from Estelle's face.

Estelle blushed, "They're here for our party."

"Our party is about to start," His hands wandered up her blouse.

Estelle warred with herself and lost she gave herself up to his wandering hands. He knew all of the right places to touch to set her core on fire. Even as the passion built she felt she was the cliche romance heroine, melting under the hands of a romance novel's male lead.

They tumbled to the couch and exchanged passions. Stephen pushed her back raising the skirt of her costume. She fumbled with the zipper on his pants. In moments she was revealing the clear urgency of his lust. He rose to mount her. Estelle blushed and on impulse pushed him back onto the other end of the couch. She lifted her leg over him and rose to mount him. She lowered herself onto him reveling in the new sensations the position afforded her.

The doorbell chimed in rhythm to their motion. Estelle gasped at the irony and the excitement. Their mutual passion built and she felt the eruption of his climax as the waves of ecstasy washed over her. Panting they collapsed into one another. Again the doorbell rang impatiently.

After a few moments of radiant bliss, Estelle pulled away and began straightening her costume. Stephen pushed a loose strand of hair behind her ear with a relaxed smile. "I should get into my costume."

"I should go let our guests in," Estelle smiled.

"Let them know we needed just a few minutes extra to get ready," Stephen rose from the couch.

Estelle glanced at the clock, "Love, perhaps we should come up with a better excuse for being twenty minutes late for our own party..."

"Twenty minutes? That's all? I figured we were a year and twenty minutes..." He ran his fingers through his hair teasing it up into uneven spikes.

Estelle smiled, "Perfect, now put in your fangs and zip your pants, your costume will be complete. " Stephen laughed and went into their bedroom.

Estelle headed to the door as the doorbell rang again.
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