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What happens while decorating for Halloween? EXCITEMENT ABOUNDS

Sweat lubricated and dripped off the body parts of the volunteers even though it was a cool night. Temperature changes happened slowly but the mind was swift to drift into places usually reserved for the intimate dreams and musings of private moments secluded away and comfortable. The job was almost complete and the volunteers were looking forward to the party.

Eyeing each other thoughts raced, hearts beat a fast rhythmic cadence, and the excitement began to slowly rise to a height that would fly anyone to another planet. It was that time of year when Halloween meant the renewal of friendships and forging or reuniting of relationships. Everyone knew the tingling sensations, the drawing like a magnet toward the party and activities, and the feasting on the most fantastic and lugubrious coupling of the members and minds.

Slowly each participant approached, closely studied their partner, and took in all of the sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound they craved within their minds. Gently the lead members guided everyone in dance and cadence of ritual courtship. They moved together as one enjoying each other. AS they passed their chosen one they touched, licked, sniffed, listened, and intently looked to examine every detail of each other.

Their orgy culminated in the ecstasy of bringing forth in our time a new generation. It was simple and clean, quick, and intense, and they wriggled and wove together until they released from each other's grasp and entanglement. The group rested and then moved on to enjoy their feast of rabbit and goat that had been killed during the earlier hunt. At the end of their party, they howled and told the world life is good.

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PROMPT: What happens while decorating for Halloween

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