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" Every pain gives a lesson and every lesson changes a person "
There is so much beauty in the world around you,

but you have to choose to see it;

There are times that you have been too blinded with sadness that you couldn't see happiness,

when it is just around the corner.

There are times that sadness could be so welcome into your heart until you couldn't hear the joy knocking on that door.

Stop drowning yourself in misery over a relationship that didn't work out.

Stop thinking that you need to be with someone to be truly happy.

Stop thinking that you need to be loved by one certain person to feel that you are loved.

You are responsible for your happiness,

You can be happy alone,

You can be happy together,

You have to let happiness to reach you,

You have to let it penetrate your heart,

And fill it with so much pleasure that you could just ignore all the pain that was ever been there.

Your happiness isn't contingent upon anything except for your mindset,

And you are the only one who can control it. 
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