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Strange neighbors, disappearances, and a sheriff who relishes leisure time.
The family had been secure and able to procure all they needed because although tough because of age, their query was easy to subdue and carry home. Rearing a family undisturbed under perfect conditions enabled them to thrive. The generations grew and prospered requiring more members to hunt.

Their quiet place was disturbed by a multitude of noises. Defending their home became a priority.

Primed for battle the invaders entered their dwellings. War broke forth between the ferocious and furious inhabitants against the angry and well-armed invaders. Vicious, calculating and resourceful the family members dispatched their aggressors.

The community and members were ravaged and overcome by a monstrous force. Now it’s a ghost town of waste and ruin. Nobody lives there nor is anybody willing to develop the area. The sounds and smells continue to permeate and chock anyone who dares to encroach into what is haunted and according to some, possessed.

Family life continues at the graveyard.

4361 characters, 684 words. Readability level: college graduate.

Yes, folks, it's October. And that means you need to dig deep into your darker muse and create a story that will fill us with chills and makes us cringe with the creeps.
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