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one night in Bangkok drinking with the gorgon of Bangkok drinking oneself to hell
The gorgon of Bangkok

Sam Adams
Was drinking alone
In a evil degraded bar
On the bad side of life

In the city of Angels
Twenty drinks too sober

Drinking by himself
With his buddies
Jack Daniels, Jim Beam, Johnny Walker
Evan Walker, Mr. Bullet, Old Granddad

Ordering one scotch, one bourbon and a beer
From the lovely half naked bartender
He looks up at the stage

Dancing on the stage
Was a naked vision of delight
As he looked at her
She began to turn into a hideous monstrous figure
Two three faces appeared at once
The naked bartender had warned him
That the gorgon of Bangkok
Would be dancing tonight

All men desired her
And if she chose you
You would die a thousand deaths
Of erotic pleasure

As she took your soul away
Straight to hell

Sam thought to himself

Why the hell not
I am drinking my way to hell anyway
And continued to stare
At the gorgon

She smiled
And had her way with him
He left with her
Went to her room
She took off the clothes

He found himself naked in hell
Where the devil welcome him

Saying have another drink my friend
Welcome to hell the party center
Of the universe

He drank and partied all night
With the gorgon of Bangkok

Waking up dead
Just another dead male foreigner
In the city of angels
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