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by bozik
Rated: 13+ · Chapter · Drama · #2236206
People tell me succubuses are just to die for, but are they really?
Antonie rushed to the toilet and trew up for the fourth time today. Feeling like a sick pile of pudding, he wobbled to his desk chair in his room.
“I feel like dying.” He told the succubus who was prying on him. She sat in his lap and ran her hand trough his hair.
“Well, people tell me I’m just to die for!” She said, beaming. Antonie felt particulary sick again and stood up, pushing the chair and the deamon away in a Moses-parting-sea fashion.
Moaning he limped to his bed. “So, you’re not tied to my room and only I can see you?”
“What in your room could possibly limit me to it?” Succubus rolled her eyes like an annoyed teenager. “Bich, please! I can pretty much do what I want.” She tsk-ed with her tounge.
“How can I know that I’m not going loco? Like not imagening all this?” He sighed.
Succubus catwalked over. It happened so fast that sickness-dazed Antonie didn’t even manage to scream while it happened, but he sure did tearup afterwards.
“Could you not? A nipple twist?! Like I’ve told I’m feeling like shit!” He gaped.
“Oh, and I oop!” She gasped. “Seemes like that felt real, didn’t it? Or...Should I try tearing down some of your flesh? While being compasionate of course!”
Antonie wiped something from his forehead, he wasn’t sure if it was sweat or her dripping sarcasm. She twisted a smile and spread herself out over him. Antonie tried to unbury himself while doing all the compasionating that others should. Somewhere there was even a pint of compasion for Laura who has had similar problems lately.
“What on earth are you doing?” It was Mr Firewood again. Standing at the door with his head leaned on one side like a dog, studying him (but failing to make a conclusion).
Antonie froze and stared back at him. “Em, just getting comfy.?” He wriggled a bit more pretending like he was positioning himself all along.
His dad seemed skeptical about that. Very skeptical. “Were you talking to someone?”
“Wha-? Yes! Laura on the phone.” It was a close one, quick save thoug.
His dad checked out his nails and lazily hm-ed in response. Antonie waited for him to ask him something else, but succubus had other ideas.
“I’ll show you how real I am.” She said and started to strip dance, using his dad as a pole.
“Shit!” Antonie whimpered. Mr Firewood turned to him. “Are you feeling worse than usual? You look so pale.”
“Pale? Like he’s seing a ghost, eh?” She was still appearing as Laura which made it even more disturbing for him to watch how she’s climbing his dad.
‘No, no, no, no, no- Sweet mother of pea!’ Antonie considered the bathroom window again. He wanted to rush into the bathroom and gag, but he was sure his dad would follow him. Compromising he at last, just grabed a pillow and hugged it. With pillow covering his crotch area he felt a bit more confident in making demands.
“Fine!” He half shouted. His eyes met with the shiny succubus’.
His dad flinched and blinked at him in concern. “What?”
“I’m fine.” Antonie faced Mr Firewood, trying to reasure him. Turning to something his dad couldn’t see; “What do you want?” He asked her.
“Mm, me?” Said Mr Firewood and the succubus simultaneously.
“Yes.” Antonie said, then back to his dad; “N-no. I meant, if you’d wanted anything else.”
Succubus was down to her lingerine. “Which one is it pretty boy?” She was obout to open her bra...
Antonie started to emit quiet sounds alike to a boiling pot of tea. “Thank you for your concern, but I need to be alone. Right Now.” Antonie went to see his dad out, taking the pillow with him.
“Aww, Ant! But the threesome!” She said in the background, with her voice singsongy and disapointed.
Door closed with a bang and he swore to himself he will never, ever, again summun the tiniest, not even the most innocent creature. Besides fairies. Fairies were nice.
“Again, could you not!?” He pleaded.
“You’re not going to make me dress, are you?” She bit her lip and blinked down some tears.
Antonie couldn’t believe this. Was she serious? Emotional manipulation, now? ‘Like, hell you will!’ He thought and marched into his parents’ room. “Hey mom, let me just- borrow that- a bit…” He rushed back holding a cross up high. Turning it to her; “Shoo! Shoo! Get out! I’ve had it with you!” His hand were emberesigly shaky.
Succubus looked wairy, there was no sing of tears left. “ Oh, my.” Was he serius? Holding a cross in her face just now? Ugh, how original. “You better don’t intend to splash me, because I know a really fun game with holy ice cubes-”
“Shoo! Begone!” There was a cross almost up her nose.
She wanted to stand up; “But sempai!-”
“Shoo!” She was being delt with like she was some sort of a rodent.
Irritated she’d set herself ablaze. Antonie skiddadled back, tightly hanging on to the cross with both hands. Succubus started to hiss at him and then she just spawned her wings and horns and flew throught his closed bathroom window.
Succubusses: 3, Annoying; Humans: 2
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