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Succubus has flown out the window, everything's fine?
Laura turned to Antonie, her eye was twitching. She was yearning to ask him something. He turned away in discomfort, holding dearly onto his coffee that he feared she’s going to pull away.
“You seem, relaxed.” She concluded.
Antonie spined his head around. “Well, excuse me.” He curled his lip up, pretending to be insulted.
Laura gently boxed his shoulder. “No! I, I didn’t mean it like that.” She gigled. Her stare and fingers dug into the park bench they sat on. “I mean that I’m glad… Because before-” Cracker came running to her. “Hey, boy!” Antonie patted him and trew him a stick that Cracker had brought him. “You were saying?” He gazed into her dark green, nervously-glimmering eyes, smiling, on the verge of softly chuckling. She was so cute when she wanted to be serious. Or more commonly, when she wanted him to be serious.
Laura’s stare mingled a bit and went to Cracker. Then back to him and again to Cracker.
“I was saying that…” She took a breath and meet up his gaze. “That, something seemed to have had bothered you. And-” She exhaled. “I’m happy for you, because you seem happier now.”
Antonie grabbed one of her hands that she was pressing the bench with. It was cute that they shared a nervous habit, but he didn’t want the same fate for her nails. “Aww thanks.”
Laura looked up. “What a corny response to something heartfelt!” She almost pulled her hand back from him.
“I know. Don’t be mad. We can’t be all as original as you!” He rufled her hair to mock her.
She immediately grabbed his hand and they sat there like that. Holdning eachother’s hand and waiting for the other person to stike a move. Laura hmpt-ed and made her move. She moved closer and placed a kiss on his cheak. Anthony let go of her hand and fixed her a strand of hair behind the ear. “You’ve missed.” He said.
Laura grinned, amused. “Did I now?” She let go of his hand. “Well, I think I need a big, strong man to show me how it’s done.” She pretended to scout around. “Too bad I don’t see any.”
Then she pretendently noticed him and faked appeasement. “I guess you’ll have to d-”
Antonie kissed Laura on the lips.
“Hmff- Cliche, sir!” She playfully pushed him away.
“You’re right. I have to work on my cherry petal-breeze timing.” He sighed.
Laura raised an eyebrow. “You’re what?”
“My anime cliché kiss-scene.” He said.
“Oh, right, right.” Laura nodded, she had a vague idea what that was. “Better luck next time. Of course, I could always help you practise.” But it included kissing.
Cracker jumped on a bench and woof-ed. Laura and Antonie jerked automatically jerked apart. Their bubble was brutally burst and blowning in the wind (Love is in the air).
“Cracker!” Exclaimed Laura as Cracker dropped a stick in her lap.
“Cracker, you’re back early!” Antonie petted him. With Cracker onboard the residents of the park bench started to experience a bit of a crowdind problem.
“I think he was spying on us all along!” Laura pushed Cracker down. Antonie grabbed his chance to walk away and a stick that was as good as any train ticket. He trew it to Cracker, who started chasing it.
“Come on, boy!” Antonie whisteled to Cracker and ran up to him, meeting with him in the middle of the park green.
Laura stayed on the bench and watched her two favourite boys play. A beautiful doggo and Cracker that chased each other. It made her feel mushy on the inside and she hated the bitter-sweet ittching that was like a building storm. Maybe everything was okay, or maybe not yet.
‘Antonie, why wouldn’t you let me help?’ she curled her legs up to her chest.
“Damn!” Antonie was cursing, way under his breath. It was’t even ten minutes since he was seating beside Laura and he already felt exhausted. There was a little stream of sweat running down his temples. If he had a cup he was sure he could fill it up with his little stream and maybe provide himself with something that would estenguish his thirst. No way he was going to show it! Antonie straightened himself and- “Huff…” Took another minute. A minute pretending to tie his shoe laces. Cracker was running circles around him, literary. “Please go chase a squierl or something.” He felt so dizzy, well enough to plead a dog.
In a corner of his eye he saw a figure walking towards him. It was Laura. Her hands were crossed and her smile was lopsided.
‘Shit! Don’t come here. Go to the toilet in a cafe, please!” Mortal grinded his teeth and made a couple of slow steps towars her.
“Hey.” They greeted each other.
Succubuses; (Gone for three weeks now) 3
Humans; (Still there) 2

(Dogs; simply amazing, 1)
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