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Halloween decorating at home.
Her curly brown hair was wild from being turned upside down as Lena went through boxes of Halloween decorations, plucking out her favorites.

Taylor was supposed to be helping, but watching Lina stretching to hang the last string of lights, and then bent over the boxes, her denim clad hips swaying from side-to-side made his groin ache. He loved her dark tresses. The full, unruly brown curls were always a turn on, and tonight they were wild, as if they’d already made love.

“Make yourself useful,” Lena said, not bothering to turn around and face him.

Taylor smiled and crossed his arms, leaned his back up against the wall. “I am.”

Lina ignored him and plugged in the purple and orange lights that hung around the doorway between the living room and dinning room. She stood back to admire to her work. Taylor moved closer and hit the light switch, letting the string lights take over and illuminate the house. He rested his hands on her hips and his chin on the top of her head.

“Nice job, angel,” he said.

She leaned back into him. The feel of her warm bottom resting against his groin stirred his member.

“Hmm,” Lina mumbled, “someone wants something.”

Taylor chuckled. “Maybe.”

Lina took a step forward. “Since you couldn’t bother to help, I think you’ll have just to wait.”

“Is that so?”

Lina turned and nodded, a smile tugging the corner of her mouth.

“I’ll bet you an entire bag of Reese cups that you can’t you resist me.”

“You’re on.”

Taylor knew she would busy herself putting the empty boxes away, straightening up the house, but fire burned through him, the need to have his woman taking over every thought. He could wait it out, let her think she could get the best of him, for a little while, anyway, but not tonight.

He reached out and ran his finger over her top lip, then the bottom as her mouth parted. Lina sighed, turned, and headed to the kitchen. Taylor followed her. She stood at the sink, as if she were going to rinse the dishes and load the dishwasher, but had yet to turn the water on.

He moved behind her, pressing his engorged member into her bottom. Lina gasped, the sound music to his ears.

“I need to clean up,” she said, her voice barely above a whisper.

Taylor kissed her shoulder, moving toward her neck and then to her ear. “No, you don’t.” Her sweet perfume washed over him. He sucked her earlobe into his mouth and she moaned. He knew he had her then. His hands moved up her sides and to her soft breasts, skimming over her already hard nipples.

“Taylor,” she moaned when he pinched one distended nipple. “This is cheating.”

He released her and stepped back. Waited.

Lina spun around and stared up at him, exactly where he wanted her. Taylor pulled her into his arms and pressed his mouth to hers. He slipped his tongue into her hot mouth, searching, demanding. Her arms went up around his neck, pulling him closer.

Taylor stepped backward, leading her toward the kitchen table, his mouth still devouring her. Just the thought of bending her over the table, taking her right here now sent his heart racing and the urge to strip her out of the tight jeans made his fingers itch.

He broke the kiss, looked down at her swollen mouth and waited for her say something. Lina just stared up at him. He reached for the button and zipper of her jeans, and her hand settled over his.

“You know you want me,” he said, slipping his thumbs into the belt loops, tugging the jeans down over her sweet ass.

“Taylor,” she whispered.

He knelt, and slid the denim down her thighs, planting kisses down her legs until she stepped out of the jeans. He pressed his lips to her mound and her fingers dug into his hair, holding him close. The musky scent mingled with the vanilla perfume sent his senses reeling. Taylor stood, and turned Lina around.

“I’m going to take you hard and fast, right on this table,” he said as he tugged her panties down her legs and make quick work of releasing himself from his own clothing.

Lina, ever the minx, positioned herself right over the table, wigging her ass at him and spread her stance.

“Take me,” she purred.

Taylor moved closer, grasped her hips and smiled. The tip of his cock slid up and down her wet entrance. Lina groaned as he teased her. Once. Twice. A third time before plunging into her heat in one hard stroke.


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