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A class for WdC Writers' University
A class for "WDC Writers University

Week 1: What is a Cozy Mystery and what is it not?
Discuss what makes a mystery cozy or not.
Homework: Watch 1-2 episodes of "Rosemary and Thyme" or "Murder She Wrote" or "Pie in the Sky"

Week 1

Week 2: Hooks, locations, and main characters
Discuss several different hooks, locations and main character attributes.
Homework: Choose a hook, a location, and a main character

Week 3: The murders and the mysteries
Discuss the murder and the characteristics of the murdered individual for the 1st and 2nd murders.
Homework: Find the victims

Week 4: The usual suspects
Discuss the suspects and various architypes

Week 5: Clues and red herrings
Discuss clues and red herrings. Generate a list of each.
Homework: Pick 4-5 clues and 1-2 red herrings to use in your cozy mystery

Week 6: Whodunit
Discuss who committed the murder and the keys to their character
Homework: Determine who the murderer is and why (if you don't already know)

Week 7: Putting it all together
Discuss issues people are having, plot holes, questions and concerns
Homework: Create an outline for a cozy mystery
Use NaNo threads for suggestions and ideas. (Link to threads for running gags, villains, clues, etc.)

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