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The market definition and narrative synopsis of Manicotti and Murder
Manicotti and Murder will be a cozy mystery. While this could include all mystery lovers in its market, cozy mystery lovers tend to be women but in a broad age range, let’s say from 25-65. Cozy mysteries tend to be shorter in duration than a traditional mystery, and often can be found in series. That is my intent with this novel, perhaps taking the alliteration route with various letters of the alphabet. This also tends to be something women enjoy more so than men, I believe. While my main character in this particular book is male, many of my protagonists are female, also lending itself to an audience comprised more of females than males. As far as other demographics, I believe this is a “small town USA” sort of audience, middle-class America. While many classes and demographics enjoy a good mystery, I feel as though quiet little towns and cities where “not much happens” tend to hold the audiences looking for a little excitement – but not too much. Which is perfect for a good cozy mystery.
Antonio knew he wanted to expand the restaurant, but not in a traditional sense. When Ralf came back from bringing his nephews to the amusement park across town, the boys were bubbling with excitement. That is when the idea hit Antonio. He would open a deep-fried manicotti stand at the amusement park. It was definitely outside of his classical chef training, and he was up for the challenge. The next day he talked to Ralf about it. He would need a manager. Ralf had become not only his friend, but a respected member of the restaurant industry in their 10 years together. It was set.
When Antonio opened Handi Mani, he did not expect the results. The stand was an instant hit and word of mouth quickly spread, bringing even more customers to the little stand in the middle of the midway. Soon, though, Antonio would realize there was more going on at the amusement park than rides and food. Something nefarious was at foot. He befriends the Betty, the amusement park owner, and soon finds she is in financial ruin. Her husband passed away about five years ago and her nephew, Gary, was taking over the park in Fred’s place. Since then, though, it seemed the park was losing money, although daily entries were still growing year over year.
Antonio would find himself in the midst of a life he never knew existed. In order to help his new friend Betty, who reminded him so much of his late grandmother Bianca, he would have to take some risks. He hoped one of those would not be his life.
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