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Rated: E · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2236324
Searching the woods daily for our sustenance required us to venture outside in a hostile environment. Traveling at least a mile on foot to reach the woods was enough to raise blood pressure, ignite a fire in lungs, ravage skin, and many more assaults to the body were possible. Air quality was unfit for life except for the roaches. Sunshine was clouded by gases and debris. The land was disrupted to extent of being difficult to traverse and impossible to use for growing food.

The only hope we had was the few seeds found in a bomb shelter that we grow deep underground under artificial light, a few chickens that were in an experimental life support device, and the different parasite spores that have adapted to this environment.

Sneaking into the woods for these precious mushrooms, fungus, and moss growths are taking a trip through a battlefield while the war is still raging. A few of us survived the disastrous explosion of evil tinkering but some others were changed and now battle us for the meager food sources scattered about the different wooded areas.

This last area is the most important because the parasite spores are thriving. We must defend this abundance. Redesigning and scrounging protective gear allows us to go forth to defend, cultivate, and harvest this food treasure. Weapons are useless for both sides. We fight up close and personal. Sharp rockeries and other implements are effective weapons but are hard to find.

Several members of our group have expired after eating certain of the fungi, moss, and spores, This is well cataloged and we are careful about indenting safe species. To make ready more effective weaponry we have formulated a concoction of these poisonous growths into a sticky syrup that we can place on our weapons. Introducing this substance while landing a blow is our intent. With sharp objects, we may be able to insert enough syrup to cause severe debilitation or death.

We know not how long it will be for the planet to recover. As long as we can eliminate our enemy, keep our food sources and protective equipment in decent shape it is possible for us to survive for many, many years. As the spores and mushrooms multiple and the moss creeps along the bottoms of the trees we have selected several specimens for underground growing. So far although the growth is slower it seems the environment is favorable for the survival of this crop.

Maybe one day we will be rescued from this devastated planet. There is hope for factions outside our galaxy to befriend us and help us rebuild our world.


The prompt for October is fungus! Whether harmless-looking little mushrooms or the parasite spores, bring your stories about fungus - and have them ready for Halloween!

2570 characters, 440 words. Readability level: college student.
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