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Unsolved mystery and the cats aren't telling.
Black cats dance in silence on Halloween
The Broken ladder a clue of mystery
Empty treat bags strung all around
The horror of this scene surely abounds

Sights of blood and gore tell a brutal tale
Of the battle and struggles that did not prevail
Spirits roam and glide throughout this horrible place
While rodents feast upon the raw bodies so abase

Cats squeeze outside and go running to hide
Investigation reveals the worst non-suicide
Rips and tears, devastation and worse
There’s not much to put into the waiting hearse

12 lines
91 words

Please use all of the following four phrases bolded somewhere in your story or poem:

black cats dance
silence on Halloween
broken ladder
empty treat bags

Pick "horror" as one of your genres please.

524 characters, 91 words. Readability level: college student.
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