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Future games will have live participants chosen from among the citizens. Selection will be done in top-secret for safety. Entertaining is a top priority and will be rewarded handsomely. When it is especially amusing or for special holidays the rewards will be greatly increased.

We heard rumors about the new regulations for the games. Excitement ran through each community as more details about the prizes and rewards were revealed. My dream was to become a contestant so I could win the bounty of items for my family.

In the middle of the night, I was taken abruptly out of my bed and placed in a quiet, dark, bare containment cube. Cool and heavy with the smell of sweat and other body and mollie, and sour order I choked down the vomit that was clamoring to escape. Sleep was far from me. My blood pressure and heart rate were rising, and I was very thirsty. Huddling in a corner Shaking and enduring a severe headache I pondered about these events. Fear had not gripped me but I admit, I was anxious.

time passed slowly at first. Drip, drip, drip, this sound started followed by the buzzing and then rhythmic metal against metal sounds. I became dimly aware of the increase in volume. The smell of BBQ surrounds me like a huge fog. Rock music began to play quietly. The air danced and buffeted me. It was getting hot. A sticky gooey ooze advanced across the floor.

Fully alert and staying far away from the intruding and menacing invaders was becoming impossible. Now I know what it’s like being in a cement mixer, but this is much worse. Fear and panic gripped me intending to cling tightly forever. Thrashing around, sliding on the sludge, and trying not to bang into the walls took all the strength I could gather, Why was this happening to me? How do I get out of here? What did I do to deserve this?

Bright light blazed forth blinding me.

“Shall we play a game?”

“Who are you, what do you want?”

“Shall we play a game?”

Something sliding in front of me stopped with it, everything stopped, then I saw a dim light through the open door. This had to be the game selection. I was going to participate. I hope I was impressive enough for the committee.

Creeping toward the door I noticed a flash of light inside a dark something beyond the door. Hesitating, chills ran up and down my spine, my knees shook, and I couldn’t keep my hands still.

After entering this new place, the door slammed shut and was locked. Thrown off my feet I tumbled over and over struggling to gain my balance. All I could do is crawl on what seemed to be a human hamster wheel. Laughter and other related sounds emitted from speakers. The apparatus spun horizontally and vertically making me so sick and unsteady I thought I would be pummeled to death. Extreme heat, then extreme cold alternated entering the enclosure. The order of vomit and gangrenous decay permitted the air which was thin and choking my breath from me. A siren wailed and everything stopped.

Red light flamed on and I saw a small door that I could crawl through.

“Shall we play a game?”

Unable to move I slumped and gasped for air. Rubber legs and arms with a spinning top for a head and a stomach ready to evacuate its contents I was beyond scared about what I would face beyond this torturous place.

I can do this, I’m only 9 years old. My family needs these winnings and rewards, so with that I struggled forward. Bumping into what felt like large spider web strands were unnerving. Fear, anxiety, panic, thirst, hunger, and fatigue worked against my every attempt to progress toward my winnings.

The door banged shut and was locked. I had no retreat no other escape available. Cold metallic coverings were everywhere I could reach. A spark flowed through the air. Striking me forcible and throwing me towards the ceiling. I screamed flailing my arms and legs as I convulsed. More shocks followed as I danced and twisted for an eternity. Heat and cold again assaulted me. Vibrations, roaring noises, smells of caustic substances and stabbing pins and needlers all converged to torment me. Begging for mercy did little to change my circumstances. Exhausted I finally failed to react to any of the stimuli.

“Want to play a game?”:

Waking and finding myself on a mattress was a pleasure. Three ominous figures towered over me. I couldn’t move, gagged, and naked my mind numb and floating, I dreaded the unknown. I really don’t think I wanted to know. I was overdone and ready to quit. After all, this was the game and my family would manage even if I didn’t win.

“It’s time to play doctor. You’re my patient and I’ll operate on you.”

I was moved to another table and they began the operation.

“In the news, a group of sadistic, cruel, and satanic torturers was arrested today when police raided the docks. Caught red-handed, the perpetrators refused to cooperate with law enforcement. A gruesome sight was discovered. The identity of the victim is unknown. It is believed that there are more groups kidnapping and torturing young individuals for rituals, so keep close what on your children.”

Do you know where your children are right now?

915 words

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