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by kirito
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Action/Adventure · #2236441
Malcolm in the middle fiction, Malcolm shrink when his brother arrives.
Malcolm is in his room working on a personal project, he's building a shrink ray. He has to be very careful because he doesn’t want his brothers to find it so he only work when no one is at home.
This time could be the right one, he only has some last setting to do.
“Finally” he yells excited.
He aims the gun at a chair and press the trigger. But something is wrong, the gun starts buzzing and Malcolm is blinded by a bright light.

He wakes up slowly, he doesn’t know how much time he was asleep. He looks around him and realizes something awful, he’s only 2 inches tall and stuck on the chair.
“Omg the ray probably backfired, what am I gonna do?” he yells to himself panicked .

He was thinking about a way to fix this but first he has to get down of the chair. He doesn’t know how his body reacted to the ray, he created it to make the shrink body pliable but he never tested it. His thoughts are interrupted when he hears the voice of his big brother, Francis, coming from the living room.
“Hey Malcolm, the parents are on a trip so I'll be taking care of you” Francis says as he comes closer to the room
“Omg he can’t see me like that” Malcolm panics even more.
The last time his brother came he used his face as a foot rest.
Francis enters in the room looking for Malcolm who is too afraid to move.
“Malcolm?!” Francis notices the gun and comes closer, Malcolm watches his gigantic brother approaches the chair. He turns over, the jean clad ass is the size of the moon for Malcolm and it seems to get bigger. It’s too late when Malcolm that it’s not bigger but nearer because Francis is sitting on him.
Francis sits on the chair, not noticing the tiny boy on it, and takes the gun thinking that it’s a toy. Malcolm is crushed by his brother ass, he’s under the crack and he can smell that Francis wears this jean for more than a day because of the smell of sweat and old farts that assault his nostrils. The weight is unbearable and he can’t move an inch because of it but at least now he knows that he is pliable.
While Malcolm is suffering under him, Francis is looking at the gun and notices a screw badly screw and fixes it. When he’s done, a ray of light hits a lamp and it shrinks just in front of him.
“Oh my God, a shrink ray!!” Francis yells excited “Malcolm probably shrink himself” he says looking on the floor. He then gets up and look around noticing his tiny brother where he was sitting
“Well well well, that’s why this chair was so comfortable” he laughs
Malcolm feels the weight being lifted, he can finally breathe some pure air, but then he sees his big brother watching him with a mean smirk. He quickly grabs him.
“Please Francis you have to grow me back” Malcolm pleads
“Oh no, you will stay like that for the week, it will be so much easier to babysit the three of you if I can put you in my pocket” he responds laughing as he places Malcolm in his back pocket.
As Malcolm is pressed against his left button, he hears some gurgles and soon
A long fart followed by a silent one erupts from Francis ass, the toxic gas surrounds Malcolm, who’s face is pressed against the jean fabric, which absorbs the noxious stench forcing Malcolm to smell it and taste it. Malcolm cries and gags as Francis laughs
“This is only the beginning” Francis says laughing as he goes in the living room to see Reese and Dewey with the shrink ray.
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