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Pumpkin wants you to remember that pumpkin pie is best from pie pumpkins shared with love.
My name's not Jack!

Just call me Pumpkin;
my name's not Jack.
I hide behind my cousins
— way in the back.

I'm nothing to look at,
just another squash,
with one caveat
I will not be quashed

or carved into a grin,
to be marked or hatched.
I defend
my dignity, learned in the patch.

Don't think of me as decoration.
Bake me into pie.
I'll exceed your expectations,
since I must die,

I promise.
No lie.

Serve me to that sad child
or to a homeless man,
those who once squealed and smiled
when grandma set the pan

to cool.
Oh, how they would drool!

My name's not Jack!
Don't make me bully or scare.
Allow me to give back,
to those who share,

and sharing
I'll be grateful, and not upset,
to die by caring
without regrets.

© Kåre Enga [177.257] (19.oktober.2020)

32 lines of mostly abab rhyme

Received Honorable Mention in October
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#427318 by Monty

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