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by Jeff
Rated: 13+ · Poetry · Dark · #2236739
Free verse poem based on an image prompt. Dark Dreamscapes entry.
OFP4 - 2020

One part angel, one part devil
Both parts revel in the level of chaos
Pandemonium is their harmonium
They dabble in babel, a suffusion of confusion

On each of your shoulders they sit
Tugging you first one way
And then the other
Always keeping you just a bit off-kilter

They specialize in lies
Victimize those you despise
And convince you it’s all
Under the guise of justice

When the zodiac comes around
They will always be found
Ready and willing to put your fragile soul between them
And tear it asunder

Line Count: 16
Form: Free Verse  
Written for: "Dark Dreamscapes Poetry Contest
Prompt: Image Prompt (see above)
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