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frightmare contest November 2020
Covid 19, scary right? That's what you think now. It is tomorrow, and next year you should fear. I know. That is where I'm coming from. With a mortality rate of 3%, everyone in 2020 was chasing their tails to find toilet paper. Just wait until it mutates. You don't have long to wait. When that rate reached 34% people really started shitting themselves.

The realities of the disease spurred rampant and haphazard innovation. By march, rich people were having mobile ventilators installed in their bodies, not all of them needed them. As the virus began to attack muscles too, mobile exoskeletons became fashionable. Not to mention the fancy electronic respirators. But that was all the rich people.

The poor struggled to find masks and hand sanitizers which were by no means as effective as they had been. This isn't a story of evil cyborgs attacking and enslaving the organic population. No! This time the terror belongs within their electronic cores, flesh and blood humans were rising up and ripping the technology they needed to survive from the flesh of their betters. They cannibalized the technology using the equipment from one cyborg to keep dozens of the poor alive.

I don't know how this will all end, but I doubt any of us will be human, even if we don't use the cyborg tech on ourselves.

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