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Gargoyles were meant to be protectors. They were supposed to protect their buildings from the evil spirits in the world. Charsmal was satisfied to do that job until the day he saw Helene. Her raven hair reminded him of the ebony of his stony form. Something in his stone chest cracked and the seed of obsession grew.

He watched her from his place atop the building where she worked. Morning and night he waited with breath drawn for those moments he would see her. He didn't even notice the growing evil obsession growing within him. He just focused on one thing, turning her into a stone gargoyle like him. He knew he needed a powerful curse for that to happen.

Curses could only be found among the very evil spirits he was supposed to drive away. Since the dark times had been long ago, evil spirits had found other pathways into men's hearts than merely flying free in the night. SInce the "internet" thing entered the speech of men, Charsmal found he hadn't seen but the rare few evil spirits drifting in the night. Those were distant, gliding between the Towers of Cell.

Charsmal ultimately did the unthinkable, he raised his wings and flew to ensnare one of the spirits. He bargained for his curse. Then by night the next day he followed Helene to her apartment. The gargoyles of her building stirred uneasily at his approach. He perched upon the ledge outside her apartment and scratched open the glass. She lay frozen in fear in her bed as he chanted his curse. The transformation was immediate. She became a beautiful stone angel and he dissolved into the form he had been sworn to drive off, an evil spirit with little more form than thought.

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