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Feeling Grateful

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“I think we’ll be alright. I canned all the garden. We froze the deer. We have flour and sugar. MJ leaves us eggs and butter.”

Noise outside the house grew louder with each passing moment. Dog was now parked at the front door, listening for would-be intruders.

George checked the list. He marked off several items.

“What about water? How much water do we have? The water will be the next to go.”

“Last I counted there were twelve gallons plus we have the backpacking filter. We should be good for at least three days. Three gallons per person per day is the recommendation. If we get out at least every other day to gather more from the river we should be fine. That and conserve as much as possible.”

George made another mark on the list.

“Okay, Marcie. That sounds good. What else should be on this list?”

The two sat at the round table, heads down. Outside noises grew louder with each passing moment. Gunfire, screaming, explosions, dogs barking, vehicles roaring past. Then there were the knocks on the door.

They never answered the knocks on the door anymore. Dog had been trained not to bark. One never knew who might be on the other side. You couldn’t trust people these days.

“I think we need more soap. Bars of soap. They would be good. And toilet paper. We can never have too much t.p.”

“Good ideas. I’ll add them to the list. Ready for the watch?” George checked his watch, gave a wink and a nod.

“Is it that time already?” Marcie got up and got the three candles. She placed them in the center of the table. She wiped her eyes, them tearing up as always.

"You alright?"

"Oh, just something in my eye."

George lit the candles. They flickered, then sputtered to life. Soon the dimly lit room hid both of them in shadows.

“What are you feeling grateful for tonight, Marcie?”

Marcie grabbed George’s hand. “I am grateful for you, for little John, and for the life we still have here in this house. And thanks for nothing going wrong today.”


Many years went by in the new world. Things changed in the neighborhood where George and Marcie lived. Their little house still stood. But now instead of housing two survivalists and their little boy, it now was a museum.

After the devastating pandemic of year zero, the world rebuilt and renewed. George and Marcie with their son had perished. But their struggle was publicized and their home saved. It showed that George was not just any hayseed. This museum established to honor them brought attention to all those who had tried and failed to survive during that dark time in earth’s history.

The three candles Marcie lit each night were on display. The supply list was posted as was the closet full of necessary items. Little John’s crib still stood in his bedroom, as was Marcie and George’s recreated bedroom. Dog had been sent to a taxidermist so it could sit by the door and guard it forever. Sound effects added to the total scene.

The museum attracts history buffs from all over the new world. The hope is knowledge of the past will prevent it from being repeated.

This coming week will mark the 20th Anniversary of the Great Vote Disaster. There will be a memorial service at the George and Marcie Museum.

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