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brief info on hellhounds in the factor universe.
Puck is the very first hellhound Brenda rescued, she is Brenda's teammate and adopted daughter. When raised properly the hellhounds are very intelligent, telepathic, telekinetic and capable of invisibility. Brenda used to go into the Dark compounds with Puck as a partner to liberate hellhound puppies. This scene was written for a contest but I think I used it in my hellhound book somewhere if not that one then the sequel I am working on.

The end result for hellhounds and healing hounds, which are technically the same species, is determined by their upbringing. A hellhound raised with love, care, and a vegetarian diet becomes a healing hound. Healing hounds raised in a bad environment with abuse, deprivation, and a diet mostly consisting of corpses at some level of decay can be turned into a hellhound.

The species comes in three types; all healing hounds are female, all hellhounds are male, reclaimed healing hounds, which are hellhounds cured of their depravity are asexual and infertile. If they are healing hounds, their saliva does just that, they have glands that produce a serum that encourages rapid cellular regeneration. Healing hounds are the original state of the species. It's kind of like how orcs in Lord of the rings come from elves Sauron {or was it the other guy} corrupted.
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