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They said to do something inspired by Maroon 5's Memories. This is what happened.
My memory of you is imperfect. It has been years.
Some memories curl away like smoke. Pictures shifting in light, and sometimes I remember. Who you were and who I was.
Some memories are like broken glass scattered across a floor. Fragmented. And I don’t walk across them because I don’t want to bleed.
Some I only remember at night.

My memory of you is imperfect. We are shadows.
Some memories stick. Black tar in dark corners. I can’t see them to clean them out.
Some trip me, catch me up. Tell me things I had forgotten. Show me secrets that I keep from myself.
Some of them need to be unearthed.

My memory of you is imperfect. But you haunt me.
Some memories are so clear, pinned and preserved, a butterfly in a jar. So near I can still feel you.
Some run away. Streaking across the night sky. Laughing fugitives that I never come close to catching.
Some I have forgotten until I dream.

My memory of you is perfect. It has been years.
Some memories are a dark solace when the light is too harsh. A moon when the sun burns too bright.
They are the taste of the sea and the rush of waves and a sail in place of oars.
They are you and they are me.

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