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the 2nd part of Squished tier :3
Waking up in the morning with a yawn, I looked over to my shelf with a big smile. With all the amazing dreams I had last night, I kind of thought that the squishy Smash Bros amiibo's I had got yesterday was just something apart of those dreams, though I was pleasantly surprised to see all the figures still sitting there on the shelf.

*Standing up I walked over to the shelf with a smile "Mmm, Good morning to all of you, I hope you all had a good night I know I did~" I cooed out to the set of smash bros figures, even though they probably couldn't hear me in their statue like state. I was about to get ready for the day, though I'd need a little help from a couple of these squishy amiibo's.

"Hmm, today is gonna be quite a long day at school, and I could really use a soft pair of insoles to keep my feet comfy, and well based on how soft Peach was when I was squishing her last night I'd say that two of these squishy amiibo's would be the perfect fit to keep my feet comfy. Now which two to choose." I asked myself looking throughout all the various amiibo's of the female smash bros characters.

"Well, I did enjoy squishing Peach last night so I'd say it makes sense for her to be one of my squishy insoles." I said picking up the Peach amiibo "And... how about Zelda for the other, they are both Nintendo princesses after all so I'd say that it fits quite nicely" I said decisively as I picked up Zelda as well.

Laying the two amiibo's on the ground I pushed the buttons on the side of their trophy stands as they came to life and walked off their trophy stands (which I picked up once they were off them.) "Huh, what is this place?" Zelda asked in confusion immediately after she had been brought to life from her amiibo state. "AAAGH" Peach screamed much to Zelda's surprise as she looked towards Peach to ask her what was wrong only she was unable to as *SPLAT!* ..Peach had been already squashed flat under Chiaki's left foot much to Zelda's shock.

"W-wha, who are yo-" *SQUAASH* before Zelda could finish her question she was also squashed by Chiaki, now flat under Chiaki's right sole as the gamer girl stomped on the two princesses with delight to flatten them out. "Probably should've gotten dressed fully before summoning these two, Oh well at least I get to enjoy squishing them before I get dressed~" I said cheerfully as I stomped on the two for a minute.

*Once I had thoroughly plastered the two princesses on my feet I then got ready for the day. Getting on a new set of clothes (which looked exactly like the normal set of clothes that I wore everyday) as I was now mostly dressed, just needed my socks and shoes. grabbing a pair of my long, knee high, black socks I put the first on my left foot then the other on my right, sealing my princess insoles inside as I slipped on my shoes and walked out of my room, then I made my way downstairs and out the door as I started my walk to school enjoying each step thanks to the new comfort I had under the soles of my feet.*

*The day of school went wonderful, getting to spend the day with all my friends at Hopes peak, and even getting a chance to game some together. Being the Ultimate Gamer, my talent was heavily centered around well gaming, and due to this I would usually get plenty of time to game at school by myself and with my friends.*

*Today in particular I spent quite a bit of time in particular playing smash bros with my fellow classmates. It was a blast, and while I was playing I couldn't help but giggle any time I'd see a female character someone was playing as get screen KO'd, knowing of the squishy smash bros amiibos I had or I guess smash sisters amiibo's in this case, along with the two that were currently with me or under me~*

*Speaking of, the comfort I had been really loving how soft the two smash bros princesses felt under my soles, it was like bliss with every step, so much so that I nearly forgot the two princesses were there. The comfortable feeling becoming natural after about an hour, all while relieving me of any minor stress or irritation I may have. It was truly amazing. And once the day was over and I recalled the princess duo trapped inside my socks ad shoes, I then felt a burst of excitement overflow. This was just the beginning, I still had the rest of the day to have fun with my squishy smash sister figurines~*

*Meanwhile while Chiaki was living in her personal heaven the two trapped princess were in the exact opposite, being stomped on by Chiaki a dozen times in the morning was really unpleasant, but it was just the warning before the storm or in this case a simple stomping before hours of being trampled. Every step made Peach and Zelda squeak or groan in discomfort, being raised up in the air and then stomped on to flatten the one princess out before having Chiaki's other foot raised to do the same to the other foot and princess.*

*And the stomping weight of being crushed under a colossal foot wasn't the only bit of suffering the two went through. Since they were pressed up face first with the Gamer girls feet they had to deal the sweat and smell of a pair of feet for hours which as one would presume wasn't like a nice bath under the smell of roses, it was basically the opposite actually. This was all piled up with how they were trapped under Chiaki's soles for hours on end, which to the princesses felt like days. It was to put it simply Peach and Zelda's personal hell.*

*Eventually Chiaki had made it to her home as she walked up to her room so she could enjoy her squishy smash sister toys* "Aaah, what a pleasant day that was and it's all thanks to my squishy princess insoles~" I said happily, slowly taking off my shoes and socks so I could retrieve the plastered princesses. Once I had gotten my socks off I had immediately noticed how much the two squishy amiibo's had been flattened, both of currently them were a thin layer spread across the soles of my feet.*

"Wow... I really squashed you both thin~" I said with a blush, peeling the two princess off my soles (as they came off surprisingly easy) and held then in my palms (one princess in each) "Y'know I was originally thinking of playing with you two once I got home... but seeing how much you both have been smeared... I think I'll let you both rest for now, besides I have a whole bunch of other toys just like you that I can't wait to play with as well" I chirped as the two princesses let out a soft and tired sigh of relief.

*Pulling out the two amiibo stands I pressed the button on both returning the to princesses back to normal and transforming back into their immobile figurine state. After this I put the figures back with the rest and looked at the group of amiibo's with a finger on my chin.* "Now for my next squishy smash sister figure.." I trailed off as I moved my hand into the group of amiibos and pulled out on of them. "..I think I'll have some fun with Min Min next" I said finishing my sentence as I picked up the small ARMS fighter.

*I had a couple ideas in mind for Min Min, being a character from a game where characters already had spring like stretchy arms, I felt it would only be fitting to try out some ideas on my that involved a lot of stretching with her. Placing Min Min on a table I pressed the button which brought her to life. "Hmm, Huh?" Min Min said upon being brought to life, looking up to see my smiling face.*

"Who are, oh wait I guess this is some sort of new boss, well then all right lets go!" Min Min shouted with confidence as she launched one of her ARMS at me.. only for it to harmless plink off my cheek upon hitting me. "Oh yeah, almost forgot that these squishy smash bros amiibos can't hurt me, good thing too or else that probably would've hurt" I giggled as Min Min looked at me with shock and confusion, launching another ARM only this time I caught it.

"Just as stretchy as she is in the actual game, and maybe even more so~" I cheerfully said as I held up the ARM and pulled Min Min off the table with it. With the dragon shaped-ARM in my closed fist swung my arm down as Min Min sprang downwards, and then launched back up. I giggled upon seeing this doing so a few more times almost little Min Min was a paddle ball and was using her ARM as a paddle. "AAGH, WAAH, HEY!" Min Min screamed and shouted, clearly disliking my way of playing with her as she sprang up again only this time I moved her ARM to the side as when she launched up she smacked against the open palm of my other hand, hitting it with a. *SPLAT*

*The Ramen Bomber had by flattened on my open palm as I giggled with delight, seeing her slowly peel of my palm as she fluttered back down.* "Hee hee, guess you didn't expect that huh" I teased as Min Min recovered from her momentarily dizzy state and popped back to normal, looking my angrily as in a desperate attempt to make me let her go she launched her other ARM at me.. only for me to catch it with my open hand. "Ahh! crud" Min Min said in dismay as now with one ARM in each of my hands I started to stretch Min Min's ARMS out far and wide, stretching her ARMS out to my arm's length as Min Min screamed, feeling like I was trying to rip her ARMS off, only to be quite surprised and confused as her ARMS stretched much farther than they were supposed to.* (which is saying something given how her ARMS can stretch dozens of feet)

"Yep even stretchy then she would regularly be~" I giggled as I moved my hands in a somewhat of a circular motion, spinning Min Min and her ARMS around as the Ramen Bomber was swung around like a toy, screaming as she was spun around being left dizzy as another idea came to my mind. "Hmm I wonder if I just.." I paused my speech for a moment as I swung Min Min's ARMS downward moving her body like so as I jumped forward, then I swung her body over my head ".. Yep, she makes the perfect jump rope~" I said with glee as I enjoyed my noodle ARMS fighter jump rope, while I was the Ultimate Gamer I still had gotten decent amounts of exercise, mostly when I'd go to Hope peak to interact with my friends. This was thanks to our Ultimate Team Manager and Ultimate Gymnast who would occasionally set up little work out sessions during class to help me and my classmates keep in good shape. And while I wasn't always the most keen about engaging in them. I can at least say that I thank them for making sure me and my classmates were in good shape.

And it's a good thing too because now I can enjoy my new jump rope all the more. With each passed jump Min Min was swung around my body, making the ARMS fighter scream with each passing loop, getting more and more dizzy from all the swinging as I enjoyed myself. After a few minutes of doing this I stopped to catch my breath. "Phew, that was quite fun, now how about we try something else out" I said with a wink, holding Min Min by her ARMS as I looked at her small form, having a dizzy look in her tiny face.

*The next idea I had was a bit off an odd one, but I was sure I could pull it off in my room. With Min Min's ARMS still gripped tightly in my hands, I moved over towards the table in that I had put Min Min on earlier, wrapped one of her ARMS around the top of the foot tall table leg and then tied it nice and tight. I then did the same with the other ARM and left them there before grabbing her legs. It was at this moment that Min Min had woken up from her stupor only to see me stretching her legs out.*

"HEY! What the heck are you doing to me now?" Min Min asked with confusion and concern. "Oh, I'm just stretching your legs out, they'll make a good support for when I use your whole body as a trampoline~" I teasingly said as I continued to stretch out her legs while Min Min stared back in shock. "Stretch my legs!? Use me as a trampoline!?" Min Min shouted with confusion and concern as she watched her legs get stretch out to a size comparable if not longer to her ARMS as her body stretched with them.

*Once I had made it to the other side of my room I then brought one of her legs around a leg of a cabinet that I put my game and consoles in. Tying the leg around the table leg I walked over to the other leg to do the same with it as I tied it tight as well. Once this was all done I looked over to see Min Min, now stretched a foot of the ground between for table legs, meanwhile her whole body had been stretched out as well, making the perfect trampoline for me to bounce on.*

*With a spring in my step, I happily hopped onto Min Min's trampoline form as she yelped with fear as I landed right on her chest, and bounced back up launching into the air before landing down so I could do it again. My room was quite big and the ceiling was quite high so I wouldn't end up accidentally bumping my head against it. Still I was able to bounce quite high on my Ramen Bomber trampoline, each time I fell back onto her chest her body would stretch inches away from the ground, only to spring back up as I bounced on her chest and body over and over again.*

*I bounced off Min Min in many ways, from feet first to chest first, back first, etc. Bouncing in all sorts of different ways as I had a blast jumping on the ARMS fighter. It was only when I had to come down for dinner that I finished up.. leaving Min Min still tied up as I had another idea and I needed to keep in that state for it. This left the Ramen Bomber there helpless, sighing as she tried to do anything to free her ARMS or legs to no avail.*

*Eventually I had came back* *Yaawn* "Mmm, I didn't know that it had gotten so late, I have one more idea to try out though" I chimed as I went over to grab my blanket and pillow, putting them on Min Min's body much to her confusion. Before Min Min could question my idea I placed the pillow over her face and the top of her body. I then grabbed a pair of switch controllers and turned the console on before hopping on Min Min body. Slipping off my socks and shoes to the side I then covered my bottom half of my body with the blanket as I relaxed back on Min Min's body, now serving as the perfect hammock for me to relax and play games in~*

"Aaah, nice and cozy, think I'll be sleeping in you as my bed tonight, along with relaxing on you while I game for the rest of the night til I decide to sleep of course. Hope your all nice and comfy as well~" I cooed as I laid up a bit and started up a game. *sigh* "I never thought something like this would've happened when I was invited and joined in Super Smash Bros." Min Min thought to herself all while Chiaki happily gamed from above and did so for the rest of the night until she eventually went to sleep on her comfy hammock. Resting after her long day of fun, dreaming once again about all the fun she would have in the future with her collection of squishy Smash Bros amiibo's. She still had plenty to play with and many fun ideas to try out in the near future~
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