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A special day with a twist. Things are not as they seem.
My special day started with me in my birthday suit. Deciding it would be best to adorn me with appropriate attire I hoped to have help with this decision. Comfort wasn’t exactly a primary indulgence because I had many friends wanting to wine and dine me for my birthday. Finding my wardrobe lacking in cleanliness it seemed necessary to buy myself a birthday present. After all, who wants to spend hours at the laundromat, much less doing laundry on their day of birth.

Traipsing through the house I grabbed the keys, knocked food into the cat's dish, slid across the water dribbles left by the dog who was gulping down breakfast and pranced my way toward the front door. Probably I should have breakfast somewhere before I search for something for my birthday adventure.

After my nap, I decided to freshen up and model my new duds. The mystery about who was coming with me, what we would be doing, and where we were going was at work causing me to consider jumping for joy and happiness, so I gave in and went with the emotions. I might as well get my days worth of everything for my birthday.

We picked up my friends in a luxurious car, drove to the new place that had just opened a few weeks ago. Blindfolded I was led inside. The atmosphere of this place hit me intensely. I could hear music, smell delicious foods, feel the energy and excitement of the place, taste the strangeness of the air, and see nothing. Tossing off my blindfold I was stunned to witness small dancers on tabletops. I really wanted to check them out up close and personal. Bright colors moving about the stage illuminated the band and a room-length buffet, oh the buffet was of great interest to me.

It was a work of art. Laid purposefully the food looked like people. Animals were resting next to them. Plantlife and sea life were also intermingled. If I didn’t know better it looked very real. It smelled like heaven and made me salivate. I was drawn to this feast like a fish to water.

This tastes so wonderful to me I love the feel, flavor, and the way it was prepared. Mostly it is only blanched which is my favorite cooking method. The meats are the best. I’m not much for seafood or fruits and vegetables. Usually the cats like the seafood, the birds enjoy the nuts, fruits, vegetables, and the reptiles eat almost anything.

My friends and I had a wonderful time eating, dancing about, and getting to know strangers. The time went much too quickly. I met someone who is irresistible. She is beautiful, kind, even smart but not too smart.

I’m glad my human took me to get a new costume, fed me, gave time for a nap, drove me and my friends to this special place for my birthday party, spent my birthday with me, and gave me the greatest present of all. I now have a girlfriend. She is the same as me and we will be raising a family soon. I hope our puppies are born on my birthday. This is the best birthday party I've ever attended. I’ll fetch the keys anytime for a return trip to this place at any time.


Based on my knowledge of dog birthday parties.

PROMPT: Since November is my birthday month I decided that would be a good prompt. Heck, everyone has a birthday, so there are endless possibilities. Now, use your fancy writing tricks and pen something to engage me. It can be a short story, an article, an essay- just make sure to follow the guidelines.

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