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Living forever, healthy, & the ability to work isn't what we should have achieved.
You are about the have immortality when you agree to the requirements of all the medical benefits available at minimal cost, yes this is the very best thing for your and our future. You will live forever and maintain your youthful abilities.

As your original body parts fail these will be replaced with the highest technological advanced mechanisms. You will have the strongest legs, arms, heart, lungs, everything necessary for life. Death will no longer haunt you. You'd like this of course. We will begin rebuilding you as necessary starting today.

Everyone clambered for medical intervention to fix all their ills. Machinery was interfaced whenever and wherever it was needed. The blind could see, the lame could walk, the deaf could hear, the weak were strong, the dying returned home able to their youthful activities. After many years and waiting for what seemed an eternity life as we knew it had changed or the better. Disease, injury, all those horrible things were gone forever. We had the lifestyles and longevity every human craved from the beginning of time.

The world had found the fountain of youth and immortality. It also found bondage. Those who were in power subjugated everyone else. Working was mandatory each day. The jobs were varied and safety wasn’t considered because body parts were readily available. When you refused to work you were denied the basics of life. Freedom, decent housing, food, water, clothing, and this only enough to make misery a constant companion.

Our utopia of immortal life became our worst enemy. There was no escape. We would live forever and work forever.

Battling the will to live and the horrors of our reality created mental dysfunctions. People started raging at each other. Some people killed whoever was conveniently available, and others killed themselves.

Removing the breathing apparatus was one way to end life by suffocating which too a little while. Another way was to rip out the artificial heart which was slightly quicker but not quick enough. Taking out the robo-brain portions did the trick also yet this resulted in the body convulsing and writhing for several minutes. The trouble is it wasn’t easy to do and some hesitated without completing the job. The implants were hard-wired to the natural body which created severe torment.

Screams of agony could be heard as people either tried themselves to end their lives, or they bellowed and yelled as the pain raged while someone else was removing vital body parts for them.

We thought we had the answers. We thought this was wonderful. Living forever was what we all strive for. We were very successful. So much so that even after working together to end our collective misery, we still continue to live and work each day. Body replacement parts are readily and cheaply available. Going through the torture of being rebuilt is enough to repel anyone from even thinking of trying to end their lives. It’s time to go to work again.

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