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I guard, I watch, I am keeper of the mystery. No one dares enter. Obligation & valor?
When you see me, I’m working. Many jobs have I to do every day. I watch over the building, I sit, I divert water, Placing fear into people is something with which I have reasonable success. I am misunderstood, researched, used to create various types of architecture art, and sometimes thought to ward off evil or possibly bring evil.

Me, well, in particular, I am able to do messages, these things, and more. Innocent I am only on the surface. I can morph into many creatures regardless of my original beginnings.

My home is atop a mansion in the mountains where I’ve lived for several hundred years. Broken, dreary, lifeless, mangled, and rusty it is avoided by the town folk. Company of creaks, groans, shrill whaling winds, thuds, and the call of nature from distant places keep me company. They tell the tale but no one understands their messages.

Rumors resonate especially when strangers alight for a night or two resting from their travels. Children have the most unique and exaggerated tails about me and my home. Folks say extraordinary things of no account about my place to strangers.

Some say creatures haunt the grounds and the mansion. I say not so. Storms buffet trying to further disturb evil that does not exist. Real-estate companies have tried unsuccessfully to find a buyer. They inspect from afar. Some shiver and shake, some bolt for their vehicles, and some remain in their conveyance never to see what is before them.

What happened here a mystery shall never be revealed for I am here ever watchful and cunning. Treasure may have been a part of the stories but I shall affirm nor deny. Curious are you? Step forth and come in. Enter at your own risk for it is this which keeps away visitors.

Imagination is a strange and terrifying thing but it is also my blessing for nobody dares visit this place anymore. What happened here stays here. I shall be the owner and guardian forevermore. my haunt is my castle forevermore it will hold everything everyone seeks yet is incapable of obtaining.

Tiz a mystery to be rooted out but by whom. Is there anyone brave enough to enter the gates? Are they smart enough to find and follow the clues? Will they be regurgitated from within this mansion fully interacted? I think not.

Things were lively, joyful, and normal in the beginning. Family members once thrived. Now they are final: at a horrific cost.

There is more here than anyone suspects. Looking one way on the outside and looking another on the inside. Which is true or are both true? Inside shall remain draped in coverings that do not lend easy access. I watch. I guard. I am the keeper of my domain. It is of me and for me that it must be this way. My secret shall not be discovered without major obligation and valor. No one is able, so I wait and watch.

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