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Do you know about the ones who serve daily? Who is serving? Who are they?
We are on patrol, Max and me, being watchful for anything that would cause trouble. IEDs were especially dangerous which is why Max is accompanying me. He is an expert when it comes to explosives. During training, Max learned everything he needed to know so both of us and the company we get assigned to would be safe. I really love this guy. He’s my hero.

Both of us received a medal a few months ago for saving the lives of the platoon we were assigned to protect. I remember that clearly. It was also the day I almost lost my best friend.

Everyone was tired after searching through the thick jungle. Heat, stress, and an enemy that set booby traps all over kept us on edge the entire time. Some soldiers can’t take this kind of life pressures and rigorous fearfulness that can engulf a person. They mentally fall apart. They have no visible wounds but inside they are a major mess.

We both lead as usual as everyone else followed and trusted us to keep them safe. Max gave me the stop signal and everyone froze. I slowly walked over to investigate what Max had discovered. Sure enough, it was an IED. We moved away from it and the explosives team rendered the device non-operational.

There is a bounty on our heads because the enemy knows how well we are able to dispatch their weapons. For every weapons specialist team that is killed, there is a better chance that many military personal can be killed by these weapons or severely injured.

A firefight broke out as we were returning to the company. Max got hit. He needed immediate medical attention. Fortunately, we were able to get him to help very quickly. Some soldiers don’t recover mentally from an attack even though their physical wounds heal. I thought I may have to carry on without my partner, but Max returned well motivated and ready to continue saving lives.

I’m not complaining, I want people to know that military personal sacrifice daily for our country. We, humans, dogs, and sometimes other animals serve in the military. We are honored to protect our country. When you think of us remember the animal companions who have served alongside us in peace times and in war times. Some humans and animals have given all.

Thank you everyone for your service to our country. Without Max and others like him, we would have many more casualties and deaths. I salute you Max and all of the other animals who have served in our armed forces.

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