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Sam and Maria met again in Rome circa AD 75. they again have a whirlwind doomed romance
Chapter 14 Ancient Rome

Sam and Marie woke up in a hut in the forest in the world between worlds. It was getting late, so they ate dinner from the food provided, drank some wine, and made wild passionate love. The next morning, refreshed after breakfast, they wandered about looking at portals to other worlds and other times and places and found their path leading to a portal with the placard,

“omnes viae Romam ducunt “all roads lead to Rome “

and they jumped through and found themselves in ancient Rome.

Samuel Vagilus and Maria Magnus were reunited, this time in ancient Rome in the year 75 A.D. Samuel was born into a military family and grew up to be a centurion and had risen to the rank of Major and was 35 years old.

And he took place in many military battles as Rome gradually conquered all of Europe, North Africa, and the Near east. Samuel was a handsome young man who had a reputation of being a playboy. He was also arrogant as all hell and felt that he deserved someday to become a Senator Publius Magnus despite his background in the military. He did not come from an upper-class family and had some money and property, but not enough to a serious player.

But Sam grew tired of the military life and wanted to settle down in Rome and enter the business world as a trader as he had developed lots of contacts over the years among the merchant classes in the near east and had been to Persia several times and
knew people there and also knew people in India and even China..

Samuel became determined to change all of that. One day Samuel met Maria Magnus, the daughter of Senator Publicus Magnus. Samuel became determined to seduce her and add him to his list of female conquests. She also became to seduce him as well and to make him her husband and protector as she grew determined to protect Senator Publicus Magnus from his many enemies and thought an alliance with the military would be in her family's interests. Besides, Samuel fascinated her and she could see being his lover and even his wife, if not his mistress.

But she would also make sure that she would have no rivals for his affections. She entrusted her family's senior servants in her cause. Darius Septiubus, the head of the family’s servants, found out the names of all of Samuel’s girlfriends and boyfriends – 25 females and five males - one by one, she killed them, usually by being killed in a public place by an accident – a cart out of control, a fire burning up their house etc, poisoned fish, or pork, falling off a cliff at night in the fog, or being set upon by praedonibus (highwaymen) which were all too common in those days. Often they targeted rich women, whom they kidnapped, raped, and often left for dead if the relatives did not pay a handsome ransom within days, or sold into slavery and sent to Africa, Persia, India or China where the trade-in white females fetched a high price and Roman woman, particularly blond women, were in high demand in Asia. She grew extremely jealous and decided that she would allow no one else to make love to Sam and that Sam would eventually feel the same. In fact, Sam did feel the same way and so he too began targeting her lovers for death.

. And in fact, she and her servants did that scam on a few of the more prominent, most beautiful rivals to her affections. But before she killed each person, Maria Magnus would seduce them and them while in the aftermath of sex during pillow talk about Sam and his sexual proclivities and what he liked the most in bed. She then arranged the next day to kill her new lover. And she killed them within days, but she spared a few, the most beautiful or the youngest, who she sold into the white sex slavery trade and she split the considerable profit with the traffickers.

During this time, Maria Magnus infuriated Sam by refusing to meet him or see him. Sam became determined to win her over. He also found out whom she had been with and had his aids arrange for their untimely demise. So, they killed her paramours both male and female,

Both Maria Magnus and Sam were flagrant bisexuals as was common among the upper-class males and females of those degenerate days. It seemed everyone had a male lover or a female lover, and bisexual threesomes were almost the norm.
Finally, after all 25 of his girlfriends and boyfriends had died under mysterious circumstances and he killed 25 of her paramours, 15 males and ten females, one by one, they killed them just like Maria Magnus had done usually by being killed in a public place by an accident – a cart out of control, a fire burning up their house, etc, poisoned fish, or pork, falling off a cliff at night in the fog or being set upon by praedonibus men which were all too common in those days.

Often rich women were targeted, kidnapped by praedonibus men, raped and often left for dead if the relatives did not pay a handsome ransom within days, or sold into slavery and sent to Africa, Persia, India or China where the trade-in white females fetched a high price and Roman woman, particularly blond women, were in high demand in Asia. There were rumors floating among the upper class that there was a gang of serial killers targeting the rich and powerful and many families hired security guards who often worked hand in hand with the praedonibus men letting them know their whereabouts and travels. No one could feel safe trusting anyone and the upper-class families were becoming increasingly uneasy. But so far no one had connected any of these killings to either Sam or Maria Magnus.but like Maria Magnus before each person was killed Sam would seduce them and while in the aftermath of sex during pillow talk about Maria Magnus and her sexual proclivities and what she liked the most in bed. He then arranged the next day to kill his new lover. And they were killed within days.

And just as Maria Magnus had done, he only personally killed five of them but watched most of the rest die under painful conditions. The ruffians who did the killing were all ex-soldiers who had served under Sam and now were members of the numerous praedonibus men who plagued the city of Rome.

Sam and his aids figured out something was not right, and they arranged to kidnapped Maria Magnus ‘s senior servant. He confessed to arranging to kill off Sam’s girlfriends, and boyfriends, using the same killers that Sam had been used. Sam was troubled – on the one hand, she was a vicious monster capable of such outrageous crimes and should be brought to justice, on the other hand, she had inspired him to do the same. Sam concluded that the Gods must want this union and who was he to go ahead the wishes of the Gods?

Sam sent Maria Magnus ‘s servant back to her with this message
Maria Magnus,
"I know what you did. All will be forgiven if you will consent to be mine. And I confess I did the same. But after 50 dead bodies, perhaps enough is enough and it is time to call a peace truce. So, I will quit killing your lovers and you will quit killing mine as well. I'll give up all other women and devote myself to you and you alone, but you must do the same for me."
Maria Magnus was moved by Sam’s message and knew that Sam had killed her paramours. She was determined to teach Sam a lesson first then she would join him.

She wrote back to Sam,
"My dear sir, I have no idea why every woman you ever slept with has died horrible deaths. I am reluctant to become victim number 26. What can you do to show me that you will protect me from this horrible curse? ‘
Sam wrote back to Maria Magnus,
"My dearest Maria Magnus, the gods themselves want this union. I know you arranged to kill all my girlfriends, and boyfriends too, but I also arranged to kill your male and female paramours as well. If either of us are betrayed by our servants, we will both be hanged. So, I think we should get together and put this little silliness behind us. What do you think? "

Unbeknownst to Sam, Maria Magnus had figured that out and so she hired them to do her killing as well. When it was all done and they had their peace treaty the ten killers were all to be killed as well , as well as their top servants involved and the remaining servants would be sold into slavery so that they would not talk as the old saying put it,.”

Tales mortui Dic No” Dead people don’t tell tales”

They met up and agreed to the truce. They also decided when they would kill their killers and who among their servants they would sell into slavery, and of course split the considerable profits. And that night, they played a game of strip poker while drinking wine and talking about their past sexual experiences. They both felt liberated feeling that they could open their souls and reveal all their dark and dangerous desires. Sam told Maria Magnus that he wanted to marry into her family and use her father’s connections to set him up as a big trader since her father had the contacts in Rome and he had the contacts in the Near East, Syria, India and even China.

The Senator Publicus Magnus 's staff who had been instructed to watch out for correspondence between Sam and Maria Magnus intercepted Sam’s letter. The Senator Publicus Magnus distrusted Sam and noticed that Maria Magnus was acting funny every time Sam’s name came up.

The Senator Publicus Magnus confronted Maria Magnus with the evidence,
Maria Magnus, my daughter, what have you done? You killed 25 people -15 women, ten men - and some of them are sons and daughters of friends of ours? And you know most of them and you slept with them before having them killed. Are you out of your mind? What the hell is wrong with you?

In addition, this Sam has killed 25 women and men, some of them sons and daughters of very prominent families. And like you he slept with his victims before killing them off. People are talking, Maria Magnus. I do not know if I can protect you. If you love this Sam, the only solution to run away with him to Greece or Africa minor where Roman law does not yet fully extend, perhaps Syria."

Maria Magnus confessed to her father.

“Papa, I confess Sam has driven me mad with jealousy and he has been driven mad by jealousy as well. He killed 25 people and I have done the same. Most of them were arranged to be accidental deaths, I only killed a few people personally and he did the same, but some of them, the most beautiful women we sold into the white sexual slavery trade and made a huge profit which Sam and I split. And yes, we made love to our rivals’ lovers first before killing them and we also learned our lover’s secret carnal desires. But we have not yet done the deed. We just today concluded our peace treaty and are due to meet tonight. And I cannot wait. “

With the Senator Publicus Magnus ’s help, Sam would be set up as a trader and frumentari agent ( spy) for Rome. Maria Magnus would be married to Sam once they got there. The Senator Publicus Magnus would spread a story around town that Maria Magnus and Sam had perished at sea when they eloped. Later when things calm down, the news would be spread that they had survived and would eventually be allowed to move back to Rome. And in ten years’ time, Sam would be eligible to become a Senator Publicus Magnus himself once he has made his fortune in Damascus and carried out super-secret missions for Rome. In the meantime, if people asked inconvenient questions, they would arrange to be killed as well. And once the killing stopped people will calm down thinking that the serial killer had left Rome.

And in fact, a new phrase, “serial interfectorem” “serial killer” had recently entered the language. Everyone knew someone who had been killed so it was just a matter of time before suspicion fell on them as they were both known to be overly ambitious and ruthless people. In a way, the Senator Publicus Magnus thought that they deserved each other and secretly admired Sam’s skill in arranging to kill off his rivals and Maria Magnus ’s ability to do the same. He was not horrified at the violence as violent crime was quite common in Rome.

Maria Magnus could also work as a female spy for Rome if she wanted to as the Senator Publicus Magnus felt she had a knack for that devious undercover work. Both Sam and Maria Magnus agreed to join the Roman secret police force as spies among the Roman traders setting up shop in Damascus which was on the border with the hated and much-feared Persian Empire. They would devote many of their missions to combating the rising power of the Christian zealots in the Palestinian territories and in Syria as well as in Persia which both of them could travel frequently, they would both have to learn Persian though. Maria Magnus and Samuel were happy but nervous.

They made passionate love on the boat to Damascus for the second time exploring all of their secret desires that they had learned from making love to their rival’s lovers and spent the week-long voyage making love, trying something different each time they made love, and only occasionally surfacing to meet the other passengers...

When they got to Damascus word had spread that they were fleeing Roman Justice and were the serial killers of Rome, and soon members of the 50 families whose families they had killed surrounded them. Many had come to Damascus a few days before as the rumor had spread that they were on their way. One of their servants had confessed while being tortured by the frumentari their intended destination.

A mob set them on fire and as they were burning on the funeral pyre on the road to Damascus, Saint Peter came up to them and offered to forgive them of their sins if they accepted Jesus Christ as their savior. They both agreed and Saint Peter tried to get the mob to release them but even Saint Peter could not turn aside the vengeful mob. As usual just before they died memories of their past lives together in Atlantis, India, Ancient Silla and now Rome filled their hearts and mind, and they smiled and said

“See you in the next life, my timeless love.”

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