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GETTING OUT OF TROUBLES: working through the challenge
The snow was falling upon the earth
people were shopping for all theyโ€™re worth
The shelves were bare nothing was there
except old peoples funky junky underwear

They clambered for gifts and candy
Nothing like that was handy
Santa was gone and they were forlorn
but the reindeer enjoyed their corn

Children cried despair could not hide
Their parents tried but were denied
Weโ€™ll make gifts and do it well
a surprise surely weโ€™ll not tell

Working hard building and sewing
tools and machines were now going
With great delight things were bright
then we found a terrible plight

Nothing for our Christmas day
it was stolen and far away
Empty are we and sad you see
our children nevermore will believe

We went from cheery to teary
All are sad and dreary
Holiday dark and gloomy
our town is going looney

All was ruined including my dress
It was a disappointing horrible mess
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