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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Holiday · #2237450
Our children were jumping and bouncing about as they giggled and played on Christmas eve. We were amazed at their energy and enthusiasm. Waiting for bedtime so that Santa could arrive our hot chocolate soothed our tastebuds and warmed our bellies.

Quiet engulfed the house and there wasn’t even a stirring of a mouse. Slumber was at the door knocking and we were ready to answer the cal. Exhausted from the activities of the day we fell into bed and slept undisturbed.

An earthquake shook our bed and woke our sleepy heads. Our children clamored for breakfast while we were ready to still sleep. It was still dark but they insisted we start our Christmas day. 6:45 was a bit early but it’s a very special day so we capitulated and evacuated from our bed.

After breakfast, we went into the living room to see what Santa brought. Believing he had a sense of humor we went into the study. Chuckling we went into the basement thinking there really was something very unique and special.

The only other place he could have left our Christmas gifts is in the barn. Maybe we have a new horse or a mule, or cow. But what about our children surely Santa hadn’t forgotten our children.

Our barn looked as it was the day before. Perplexed and becoming numb with disappointment we returned to the house.

It was early so we suggested to our children that taking a nap may give Santa time to visit. They scurried to their beds and we sluggishly returned to ours.

10 am greeted us when we explored our house and the barn. Our children began to cry for toys and candy. We had hoped for some new farm equipment. The day wasn’t over yet, we had hope for our children's sake that Wants was a bit late and would eventually appear. It would be wonderful to meet this holy old man and see his reindeer. Calling a search and rescue organization seemed to further upset our children so we changed our plans and focused on … we were all getting too sad and upset.

After supper, we comforted our children who were very quiet, like statues, and astonishingly had no appetite, We didn’t eat much either and felt this heavyweight of gloom and doom hanging over us. Today was supposed to be a fun and happy day with celebrations and the opening of our gifts.

The evening paper arrived. The headline read


Santa’s reindeer are missing, the north pole is a mess and abandoned. No one has seen any signs of Christmas left overnight.

Strange disappearances of belongings are reported.

Anyone having information related to these unsavory and illegal events should contact the police immediately.


Years later we heard that Santa retired. He had moved south and was enjoying the warmth of the sun, the reindeer were eating lush grasses, and Mrs. Clause was starting her own bakery business.

Our children never recovered from being abandoned by Santa so we gathered together and filed a wrongdoing class-action lawsuit. Our case was heard and judgment was rendered in our favor. Merry Christmas to you Santa. That's what we figured, but because he was out of the country in a nonextradition country and the law wasn't able to have an effect, Santa lives large while our children and everyone else is miserable and unable to enjoy any holidays especially Christmas.

379 words
PROMPT: Simply write a story and/or poem about a Christmas gone wrong. You can write about anything from a burglary on Christmas Eve, to a horror story, to a dark poem about what Santa's really like.

I want to read about someone's Christmas being ruined and little kids crying.

I do not want to read an entry filled with peace on Earth and goodwill to all men. There are other contests on site for those kind of items

3304 characters, 579 words. Readability level: 9-10th grade student.
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