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Rated: ASR · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2237538
My prince has been found. My future is bright and exciting. Love is imminent.
Young and meeting life head-on we saw each other from across the street. Subdued illumination cascading along the streets and shadows intertwined were an illusion of day time appearances. My heart resurgence of interest in another seeing this tall slim and handsome fellow who glided through a door set slightly below street level awakened my senses for companionship long lost.

My energy was spent after a long day trudging through the monotony of work tasks. The bus clattering and banging slowing and snorting as it stood with its’ mouth agape waiting for passengers to exit and enter the interior. Chills and gritting of my teeth in unison with the heart throbbing syncopation and slightly rapid breathing invoked by the revolution of seeing the one who may just be perfect for me was invigorating and exciting. Swallowed by the bus I relaxed and pondered these events.

Nights marched along in cadence until entering the park I caught a glimpse of him from a different angle and oh was he something. Dark straight hair, pale skin, square jaw, and energy of electrical magnitude that was reaching out in my direction inviting me to acquaint myself with this dramatic and inspiring character. I couldn’t resist closing the gap between us.

Lightheaded and feeling like a kid again, I advanced toward him. My nerves dancing with electricity pulsing and muscles twitching as my heartbeat quickened and skin crept my next step faltered and I froze. Clasping my hands so they would steady themselves and stiffening my muscles to keep from tipping because I was precarious astounded me. My scalp tingled which was perplexing. Surely I don’t have head lice and I’m not sick. My brain whirled trying to make sense of these strange and unusual sensations. I’ve heard of falling for a guy but really! Literally, I didn’t expect to almost dive onto the pavement.

Swiveling in my direction he looked into my inner being. His were dark and penetrating questioning eyes. The calm exuded from him and I was metal being drawn to a magnet. Musing about the very paler of his skin and considering the possibilities I proposed, Being exceedingly pale, perhaps he may be suffering an illness.

Waving gently and methodically I wasn’t sure what to do because why would he wave at a stranger. Someone just to my left waved resolving my query. My spirit weighing heavily descended and my heart slowed in despair. Relief entered my mind slowing the processing race of tangled thoughts which helped me recuperate and advance toward my destination.

Weeks paraded uneventfully as time lingered and stagnated. I saw him not and began to muse about the why’s and how’s of this lack of sightings. Perhaps he may be on holiday or on a business trip. It’s that time of year. Shucks, I should be doing this, but there are too many projects demanding my undivided attention.

Fading into the background of my memory and headed for the dusty downstairs basement of old and rarely accessed files of my thinking machine he dimmed. Rehearsing the images and throughs of my first encounter I reconciled myself to never seeing him again. Memory is funny that way. It tends to archive stuff that is rarely or never used and then delete, it’s gone. It was over.

A nightcap called to me. One of the best places for an extraordinary and very pleasurable one is to go to the palace bar room in the tube just before my stop. I’m able to walk home after enjoying the smooth flavorful liquid as it slides down into my inner cavern of digestion. Soft music and muted lighting bring slumber to me.

With a smooth cool glass in hand, the wafting smell of a sensuous bouquet, and a comfy soft lounge for my support I have a recipe for the indulgence of a dream on its way. Quieting my mind and my body anticipating a vacation of at least an hour before bed beckoned to me intently.

The first sip danced on my tongue releasing a banquet of flavor-like fragrances that gave a release of tension and evicted my edginess. Content to simply exist I focused on my meditation and the emptying of my mind.

Tranquility stolen abruptly from me by the crash of heavy glass brought me into sharply focused reality. He the dim and still fading memory that has occasion to vaguely render its self was brought into full focus as my eyes narrowed upon the source of the sound across from my position. Sleep abated as awareness intruded upon me. Mesmerized the sights and sounds drifted afar.

Striding smoothly and elegantly toward me as an athlete who could win a multitude of gold metals captivated me completely. The resistance of a relationship is futile and my resolve to not care made this encounter compelling and exciting. Learning more about this mysterious and unique person banished any thoughts of getting sleep.

Entreating me to accept his company and consent to sharing my personal space disarmed me disarming me of all my defenses. Snared and engulfed by his irresistible charm, cunning verbiage, and the thrill of engaging my dream prince captivated my imagination and heart.

He sat before me peering through intelligent, knowing, and probing eyes. Enthralled by his presence and spirit I focused upon him expecting nothing and yet everything. Soft-spoken and devoid of rashness and sharp words I hung on every utterance. Everything I learned about him is exemplary and completely fulfilling my image of the person I want to marry. Together for moments and yet a lifetime with no history and also vast knowledge gleaned instantly intertwined us and my world nested with his.

Another nightcap and then a few more followed by his offer to walk me home culminated into the best night of my life. Fear of unsavory behavior never entered my mind. Secure and protected walking home with him beside me held normalcy and intimate trust for me. Our future together spread before my imagination. I was going to have my dream come true.

Helpless and giddy I reached for his hand. It had no solid structure.
I didn’t realize he was a doppelgänger.

1033 words

6046 characters, 1033 words. Readability level: college student.

A doppelgänger (/ˈdɒpəlɡɛŋər, -ɡæŋər/; German: [ˈdɔpl̩ˌɡɛŋɐ] ( listen), literally "double-walker") is a biologically unrelated look-alike, or a double, of a living person. In fiction and mythology, a doppelgänger is often portrayed as a ghostly or paranormal phenomenon and usually seen as a harbinger of bad luck.

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