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Should the truth be revealed?
The first thing I’ll do tomorrow morning is to go to the store for some tasty donuts and muffins. I didn’t think that was unreasonable. Taking a trip to visit my friend in the neighboring state early enough to share breakfast seemed doable. I was going to have a wonderful day.

On my way out of town, I stopped at the 24-hour bakery and discovered they had fresh hot breakfast delights of many varieties. Well, what’re a few more items to go with my original breakfast idea. Carrying my hot bag filled with hot breakfast sandwiches and my other plastic bag filled with donuts and muffins and beagles kept me balanced, as good an excuse as I could invent on short notice.

A few hours later about 7 am my friend and I were enjoying our breakfast.

“You brought enough food to feed the entire neighborhood!“

“I know, I just got carried away because it all looked so good and most of it was on special or on sale, and…a few things were on clearance.”

“We might as well have a breakfast party and invite the neighborhood.”

“Great idea!”

By 9:30 am my friend's back yard was overflowing with a wave of people coming and going to and from the buffet we had set up in the back yard.

“Meet my psychologist friend. I told him you are a witch.”

“She’s kidding.”

”So, you think you're a witch do you? Prove it!" said the psychologist.

“I didn’t bring my long-handled broom with me and my pet cat is waiting at home for my return”

“Shouldn’t you have a tall pointy black head covering too?”


“That doesn’t prove anything.”

“You better not start picking on me because I’ll send my attack werewolf on you.”

“Now no need to get all upset. Do you get upset easily? Do you have any thoughts of harming yourself or anyone else?”

No, I’ll be back.”

Well, of all the nerve of my friend, after all, I did then to subject me to this cross-examination and then disappear, where is she? Thoughts tip=toed in and out of my head as I searched for the person I thought was my friend. Finally finding her in the kitchen which was perfect I engaged her in conversation about her psychiatry friend. She protested about having me examined and reversed that she was only kidding around. I didn’t believe her and proceeded to remove myself from her premises, but then decided to confront her headshrinker friend,

Still insisting I prove I’m a witch, I figured why not show him. Briskly proceeding to his last known location, I found him waiting for my return.

“aah, there you are. Everything alright now?”

“yes, it’s fine. Now you want me to prove I’m a witch right?”


“fine, then follow me.”

I had him wait while I went to my car to get a few things. Revenge usually isn’t my style but after this horrible event befell me I needed to get somethings straight.

“Now you watch very carefully.”

He focused and waited while I went into the kitchen. A few seconds later he witnessed my friend over top her house hovering and spinning as she yelled for help. While everyone was distracted by these strange events my car and I were headed for home.

I bet that guy will never ask anyone to prove they are a witch.

590 words

PROMPT: ”So, you think you're a witch do you? Prove it!" said the psychologist.

3161 characters, 590 words. Readability level: 9-10th grade student.
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