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Love's Bond and Beyond. Chapter one
Dawn broke; fog clung to the West of New York City, and dark clouds loomed above the apartment building.

Angie yawned after a hot and steamy night. She reached out and found his back, warm, and familiar lying next to her. Thomas murmured in his sleep, and she smiled, taking it all in: his beautiful athletic shape stretched under a white linen bedsheet. This body she knew so well after three years of passionate and intense love-making.

Brushing up against his torso, she moved her fingers tenderly through his thick and lush blond hair, waking him.

“Good morning, lover.”

Slowly he opened his eyes, squinting at first light seeping in through the large windows, and turned to his other side. Gazing at her with a beaming grin, he grabbed her shoulder in a fervent embrace.

Seconds passed by before he spoke.

“Morning, darling. Whatsup?”

“It’s 6:30; we better get ready; I’m visiting mom and dad today, have to go by train, though, cause you are taking the car to the shop, aren't you?”

“Oh, shoot, I almost forgot. I have an appointment in two hours at the garage. Better get a move on. I pick you up at Bob and Mill’s place this afternoon, okay?”

“We can have dinner there if you like?”

“No, Missy, I have some more painting to do tonight; that blank canvas is dying to meet more color and glitter.“

“Yeah, yeah, I have some writing to do as well later. I’ll make us breakfast.”

For the next half an hour, they performed their morning rituals. Angie made ham and eggs in the kitchen while Thomas took a quick shower.

After he cleaned the bathroom in a hurry, he yelled: “You can come now, I'm finished.”

She gave him a pat on the back while passing. “Start without me. I’ll join you in 10 minutes.”

Thomas gulped down the eggs sunny side up and drank his second mug of coffee when Angie burst into the kitchen.

She put down her cell and handbag on the table.

He looked up and stared at what he saw. His Angie, what a stunner! The way she looked gorgeous this morning with her colorful Indian dress, right up to her well-shaped knees—the moccasins he’d given her last Xmas at her feet. Great ankles, slim body, just the right butt!!

And he loved her boobs, he was a breasts man, wasn’t he? He glowed with delight.

“What’s that silly grin?” She asked, turning her back to him to pour some coffee in her mug.

He touched her dress ever so gently.

“Nice dress, suits you. Is it new?

“No, you asked that before, last week, remember? Isn’t it too much for mom and dad? Do you think I am looking fat in this outfit?”

“Hell, no, sweetie. I sure like your curves; they look great in that dress.”

"They? Please don’t refer to my curves as they, Thomas Sink. It’s me you’re talking to. Not some bimbo you watch on your computer?”

He chewed at the word bimbo.

A memory of a well-shaped nude girl with big breasts and a great ass appeared in front of his eyes. Nice! Women were great. He could marvel at them, being very fond of their shape, the way they smelled...

"Come here, you tiger," he touched her back with one hand, pulling her in front of him, trying to let her sit on his lap.

What perfume was she wearing today? Ah… he took a whiff into the air: Ultra Red by Pacco Rabanne. Very nice, very nice indeed. She smelled so good.

He wanted to drink in her body, mold it into something on the canvas, and work on it for the rest of his life.

She dismissed his gesture and sat next to him.

“What’s with the sniffing? I put on some Ultra Red for the day. Good?”


They both took a sip from their coffee and smiled.

Thomas had to ask: “Did you enjoy our game last night?

She looked at him; he could see she was thinking about it.

Her eyes lit up, gleaming. Her cheeks were glowing.

“Well, now Thomas Sink, I quite enjoyed myself last night. “

He moved closer to her. Touching her thigh with his hand.

“And what may I ask did you enjoy?” he encouraged her.

She turned toward him, looking him straight in the eye. “All of it. I liked all of it.”

He grinned. “Tell me, darling, don’t be shy.”

“Well,” she blushed, “I always loved it when you kiss me. You are a great kisser.”


He was flirting with her now… teasing her to open up more.

“I liked it when you licked me,” she let out a sigh. Her lips parting, her body suddenly turned mushy.

“Did you, now?” his hand was moving in between her legs. His fingers tingling with joy.

She opened them a little. Wiggling her head in the air to break the tension that was filling her body.

They both put down their coffee mugs.

Their lips met in a soft kiss.

That’s when the phone rang on an old-fashioned ringtone.


“What?! I can’t fucking believe this?” Thomas stopped abruptly and moved away from her.

“It will be my parents, dear. I better pick up the phone.” Angie said with a smile.

“It’s half-past seven. We should have some privacy here.”, he gruffed.

“Hi, Dad,” she answered, shushing Thomas silently. “What’s up. It’s still early. I am leaving the house in one hour.

“Yes, dear,” she heard her father breathing heavily. “I looked up the subway's schedule for you.”

“That’s okay, dad. Have you been running or something? You sound out of breath.”

“No,” he giggled, “your mom and I were doing a little… well, never mind! Do you want to hear?”

“Yes, please,” Angie was now making faces at Thomas, who was sipping his coffee again. “I’ll fetch a pen and paper.”

While she was rumbling through her handbag, Thomas shouted in the phone.

“Good morning, Bob, everything okay? Say hello to Mills for me?!”

Angie took out a pen and paper and started doodling. “Yes, dad. Go ahead,”.

Her father articulated: “You have to catch the subway of 8:50 at gate 2, that’ll bring you here at 10:10 with a change at Washington Heights and 50 Street for Briarwood. Copy that?"

“Thank you, dad” she put the phone down.

“I’ve got exactly one hour before catching my ride, Thomas. I’ll walk to the station”.

“That’s fine, dear. Now, where were we?” He laughed.

Slowly he walked toward her. She grabbed his shirt to pull him closer. They kissed, danced, moving their bodies in slow motion. The waltz of lovers. He loved her to be close, to be sexy, to be ready. His heart raced while stroking her hair. Their lips met again, this time urgent; his body pressing against hers.

Thomas stopped, Angie stopped.

They both had to catch their breath.

That’s when he took off her dress, pulling it gently over her head.

She took off her bra and threw it on the floor. Then she sat on top of the table.

With his thumb, he moved her panties down. His body slowly following that motion and his head at the same level as her pussy. .. he caressed her thighs and her legs with a firm grip.

Then he licked her. His tongue and mouth were sucking in her fragrance.

For minutes they were silent, both enjoying their play.

Then he stopped, opening his fly, and she bent in reverse as he entered with slow-paced thrusts: her back and head on the kitchen table.


Thomas enjoyed the ride in his old black 2005 Honda Accord DX Sedan 4D. Mileage was 258,000 so, that was good. No major defects in the garage. The usual, oil, tires, window shield, no biggie. He had to drive the 18 kilometers to Briarwood to meet up with Angie and her parents.

The weather turned, though. It had started raining, and his wipers were doing overtime. Bad visibility, as well. It was already getting darker, although it was only 10 past 5.

Busy in the city. Traffic was speeding. But it was only a twenty minutes drive.

He was on Grand Central Parkway, turning right to 150th Street, when it happened.

Blinding lights, his slamming on the breaks, the sudden impact to the front of the car, the wheels' spinning, windows shattering, the crashing into a brick wall, and the final implosion.

The fire was abrupt and unexpected. Flames everywhere.

The Honda turned into a metal carcass within minutes. Thomas never stood a chance.

He died on the spot.

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