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This is a classic WhatsApp mixup
This is a classic WhatsApp mixup story.

One day Someone greeted on WhatsApp group with 'Happy Birthday Chetan'.

Then others in the group realized that 'today is Chetan's birthday'. Immediately the group flooded with greetings. 💐🎊

Each one fulfilled his / her duty immediately. Some started giving greetings in Marathi, some in Hindi, some in English, some in Sanskrit, and some with stickers,

GIFs, etc.

Within a few minutes, the group had a festive atmosphere. Many of them did not even know Chetan and how he looks.

In the afternoon, the same group reported that 'Sadanand's father has passed away tragically.

Immediately there was a flood of sadness on the group. From RIP, messages to 'how we are with Sadanand in such a time' started coming.

Now at this time, some members confused about whether to wish Chetan a happy birthday. But they found a way.

A smart race began to greet Chetan on his birthday and a tribute to Sadanand's father.

Now It was evening, and it was time for many to 'light the lamp'.

So one great personality of those wrongly wished Happy Birthday to Sadananda and paid tribute to Chetan's (surviving) father.

Later, those who had just opened the WhatsApp group (without reading the previous message) consoled Chetan (of his 'surviving' father's death), while wished

Sadanand 'Enjoy such joyous moments in your life every year ' (to whom his father had died today).

One went to the extreme and sent a two-minute audio recording consoling Chetan and requested other members to observe two minutes of silence.

Some even demanded from Sadananda that "brother .. want a party today." 😄


Many people have not yet understood why both Chetan and Sadanand suddenly left the group that evening, even after so many efforts by the group members.

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Since November is my birthday month I decided that would be a good prompt. Heck, everyone has a birthday, so there are endless possibilities. Now, use your fancy writing tricks and pen something to engage me. It can be a short story, an article, an essay- just make sure to follow the guidelines.
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