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Pay my gratitude to God, and communion through meditation.
Abundance grows from abundance. Brooding on limitation, lack or poverty attracts more of the same.

Think of all of the good and beautiful things, and all of the possibilities that are right now in your life today.

Magnify them by giving appreciation for them.

Still, your heart and mind and then sincerely open yourself to the conscious awareness of abundance.

I am thankful for the roof over my head, good quality food, freshwater, all of my friends from around the world.

and in other realms who love me, my Guru's who guide me, and for this little meditation (asana).

The seat where I keep my daily appointment with God and Guru's

Calmly view all events and circumstances in your life with an attitude of dispassionate objectivity.

Firmly established in Self-knowing and God-awareness, be happy and peaceful...*Heart*

When you sit daily for meditation, instead of trying to establish a connection with God, acknowledge that you are in God.

Meditation will then flow spontaneously. *Heart*

When you pray, acknowledge the reality of God within and all around you, then dissolve your sense of individuality in.

the wholeness of God
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