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This months quote is on creator, mother nature and immortality
The truth of universal motherhood explicit,

Ocean, skies, earth reflects her discreet,

Her womb is ocean life began its journey,

Her creation is creatures, animals many,

Bird, aquatic life sings her glories are free,

Lush green forest, waterfalls, ravines n tree,

All whisper credence to her creation magic,

Mother erases in times credence to tragic,

Her heart is divine love creation grows new,

Death is a cleansing process, in birth renew,

Eon saw species prowl on earth, joyful grew,

Mother changes all, new lives roam the earth,

Evolution gives credence to finer life worth,

Her dedication, intricate is a human being,

Intelligent, the mind understands everything,

Mother empower the human mind with both,

One is a delusion in dark attitude relish,

Entraps soul to the prison of the earth in blemish,

Torture, hurdles in life awakens mortal,

Escapes beguiling mind detaches total,

Mother smiles, she plays a child wins,

Her blessings gods aspire, a child shines,

Credence of Mothers act to the net as fish,

A child hides under feet, net ever miss,

Enlighten one knows surrender saves,

Elusive realm, others are swept in waves,

Credence confuses the mind, life is naïve,

Greed, lust, temptation, anger her bait,

Swarming children in hook, till exit wait,

The dark mind is opaque Mother plays fine,

Invisible, silent, Recreation refines,

Resurrections of Her presence clean,

Dark minds perish, humanity celebrates,

Lights in lamps, hymns in prayer indicate,

Credence to her arrival removes ignorance,

In sufferings, fear empowers endurance,

Prays tortured soul, may Mother lead right,

Credence turns to creed, inner desires fight.

Credence to puzzled mind mother is left alone,

Lifelong a soul grows in her sweet home,

Mother languishes in shelter sick n sorrowful,

Fear, the human mind learns mothers tomorrows,

Credence to celebrate Mother prayer fine,

Animals love mothers vegetarian or canine,

Divine Mother to mother’s spirit bless same,

A dark mind pretends love credence a name.

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This months quote is:

Our Creator would never have made such lovely days, and have given us the deep hearts to enjoy them, above and beyond all thought, unless we were meant to be immortal
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