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What if Nikola Tesla's concept of a World Wireless System could be built using satellites?
A future without wires
I had a REM sleep dream one night that NASA developed an artificial satellite version of Nikola Tesla's concept of the World Wireless System. The World Wireless System was a proposed telecommunications and electricity delivery system in the early 20th century which would've used the Earth's atmosphere as an electrical conductor. Tesla had big plans for this cheap energy which I'm sure he might have given away for free if not for JP Morgan cutting off his funds. His plans were so big that he would've built a finished product akin to Wardencliffe Tower into a worldwide, wireless electrical grid! But I propose something with less weight, and by less weight, I mean with barely any gravity.

But a prophetic dream
My dream had me wake up in a futuristic world, where I couldn't recognize my home anymore. My mom's salt and pepper hair had turned completely white, she was still asleep. I immediately freaked out and shook her to see if she was ok, because my mom is my closest friend. But she was only older, but not dead, as she told me to just let her sleep. I thought 'sleep...' I wondered if I was in a dreamscape, because the house was so clean, the air was more fresh, and the technology was so advanced that an android did all our cleaning and house chores!

Baffling news
I immediately turned on the TV, already on the news channel, to find that I had invented the concept 20 years ago, still in the dream at this point for an artificial satellite version of inventor, Nikola Tesla's wireless power system. The news featured the 20th anniversary of this technology and I was flabbergasted and stunned! I was apparently living in the year 2052 C.E.

The future Nobel Prize winner in Physics
The satellites harnessed energy from the sun in the same manner that Nikola Tesla's scaled-down prototype of Wardencliffe Tower harnessed energy from the Earth's atmosphere. I couldn't believe I, of all people had created such a concept! I sat on my bed and looked over to find a Nobel Prize dated 2032 C.E. in Physics. I was so lost, so excited, but so scared because I had slept through half my life! I wanted to have more time in this technologically advanced society...

Waking up from the future
The last action I took before waking up was to step outside. The air was clean, crisp, and even refreshing, as the skies were clearer than ever, which didn't even excite my asthma because of next to no pollution! I caught one last glimpse from my house to see what was once the small City of Glasgow, Kentucky with the highest skyscrapers I've ever personally witnessed, and vehicles hovering with ease at various, but highly organized heights and traffic flow. Glasgow had apparently grown into a metropolitan area, as it used to be only 3 miles wide in real life. I closed my eyes, but then I woke up for real with a tear in my eye...

In-conclusion: A request to NASA
I want this to be a reality. Someone who works at NASA, please tell the appropriate department to start working on this. Start using artificial space satellites to harness energy from the sun, then transfer that energy back to Earth.
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