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Rated: GC · Poetry · Dark · #2238370
A poem about mental health and marijuana
Generalized anxiety disorder
Visualized impropriety hoarder
My sanity borders on licentious sordor
My fight or flight is out of order

Depressive impulsive
Digressive repulsive
My thoughts are emulsive

I pick at my skin like a mandolin
A slick lick of a violin
Wonder if I'll ever win
Dysfunction feels like next of kin

Insomniac intrusive thoughts
Sad sack self-abusive shots
Setback obtrusive jackpots
Cardiac inclusive knots

And when I think I'm out of fucks
I get the turnabout deluxe
I mill about with acid reflux
My doubts could fill dump trucks

Then I met my Mary Jane
She calms my worries
Soothes my pain
From this gift, I won't abstain

Like a married iguana
In a sauna of marijuana
Legally medicated
Eternally dedicated

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