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A poem that I wrote a while ago following the illness of my kitten, Moss
'Death, death' was the phantom's call,
Many a soul was penetrated,
For it is said the Lord hath need
Of the ones nearest to our hearts.

The placid drumming of her warm heart
Next to mine recalls the tranquillity of
A time long ago.
I kneel and pray with my heart and soul,
That together we may again find joy,
Peace and happiness.

The Lord has answered my prayers.
No longer shall I weep,
For today one of great portent has been set free
Of the encircling chains of death.
One of bliss is the peace
Of my mind and body.

Again I shall feel the clamour
Of my little friend in my arms.
Today we shall find the happiness
We have been striving for,
My kitten and I.
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