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by Casey
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Best some things left in the shadows?
A Song of Shadows

Some shadows murmur to us from our past;
Some linger, hidden where the mind is dark.
They're mournful memories that we must cast
away with rhythmic beat of hurtful heart.

Our song not over now that he is gone.
Our colors grade to gray as lights decrease.
A light that fails is sprinkled among leaves
then deepens into shadows now he's flown.

Oh, deeper than a well of being, stark
from deepest depths, I hear again his voice.
The sound he makes; a loner like the lark
but lark is singing; welcoming the dark.

I hear, I hear the sadness in your call:
"I cannot breathe. Oh, Mother, help us all".

(Willie Ray Banks died in police custody Dec. 29, 2011. He kept telling cops he was having trouble breathing but they
would not believe him. George Floyd died May 25, 2020, basically the same way. We need better training for cops. Have them pass a psychological test to prove they're capable of handling stress without killing people during arrest. My husband was a cop and then detective for many years. I learned a cop must keep his head while everyone and everything else is going crazy around them.)
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