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A list of major/recurring characters who appear in Not Another Body Swapping Remote Story.
This list will be updated semi-regularly as the Interactive Story grows. Note that not every character in the story appears here, since many are unnamed, or appear in just one branch or even just one chapter.



BEN - Benjamin Daniel Hansen - 18m, Caucasian, freshman college student, straight, short brown hair, thin build, Biology major, wants to be a science teacher, Eric’s roommate, nice guy for the most part, has no enemies, drives a hand-me-down 4-door sedan, stays in shape via treadmill/basketball/some weightlifting

SABRINA - Sabrina Green - 19f, Caucasian, freshman college student, straight, medium length blonde hair, average build, Biology major, wants to be a cancer researcher, Maggie’s roommate, has a crush on Ben, flirty and fun-loving but generally more responsible than her friends, assistant manager at a grocery store in the summertime, stays in shape via jogging/volleyball/yoga

ERIC - Eric Little - 19m, African-American, freshman college student, straight, dark brown fade, muscular but not wide, Ben’s roommate, in an unofficial relationship with Simone, die-hard PlayStation fan, stays in shape via mostly weightlifting and basketball

MAGGIE - Margaret Chan - 18f, Chinese-American, freshman college student, bi-curious, long straight black hair, petite build, Business major, Sabrina’s roommate, comes from a rich family, fluent in Mandarin and French, learned German but remembers very little, will answer to “Mags” for close friends, drives a vintage Volkswagen Beetle and a new Tesla Model S, stays in shape via aerobics/yoga

PERCY - Dr. Percy Edwards - 50m, Caucasian, scientist, short gray hair, tall, brilliant, creator of many incredible inventions including the remote



Carlos - 18m, freshman

Cody - 19m, Caucasian, 5’5, medium-short blonde hair, has a face like a child actor and a voice like a teen pop star, works at the front desk, very outgoing and charismatic, not a morning person, Business major

Daniela - 17f, Cuban-American, freshman, makeup guru with her own blog, rumored to have a brewing partnership with Fenty Beauty

Deanna Meadows - 20f, Caucasian, freshman, pansexual, 6’1, curvaceous yet fit, long wavy red hair, notoriously attractive, has it, flaunts it, Janelle’s roommate

Janelle - 18f, African-American, freshman, long thin dreadlocks, fit build, Deanna’s roommate

Jess McGann - 18f, Caucasian, freshman, long straight platinum blonde hair, girly girl, very pretty, short but fit, a bit of an attention seeker, in a loving relationship with Mark, friends with Brianna and Tanvi

Lea - 21f, mixed-race, Caucasian/African-American, senior, RA in charge of the dorms, round-faced and plump, medium length curly black hair, definitely a morning person

Lexi Ferrera - 18f, Caucasian, freshman, brown hair, thin body and features, wears glasses/contacts, studious but not nerdy, dislikes drama

Lucas Jordan - 19m, African-Americam, freshman, tall, wears glasses, a solid blend of athletic and nerdy, into superheroes and comics as well as basketball and soccer

Macy Bauer - 19f, Caucasian, freshman, dirty blonde hair/dyed black, average build, Yasmine’s roommate, anti-establishment, a bit of an anarchist, drives a used Pontiac

Mark Davidson - 19m, Caucasian, freshman, curly brown hair, muscular, sporty, a dude/bro/boy through and through, in a relationship with Jess

Renee Forrester - 18f, Caucasian, freshman, pale, brown hair, goth, tends to wear all black

Trina - 20f, works at the front desk

Yasmine Hadid - 18f, Iraqi, freshman, medium length black hair, average build, Macy’s roommate, a few inches taller than Macy, has a crush on Ben

Unnamed male - Mixed-race, short dark hair, thin/scrawny, wears glasses, nerdy

Unnamed male - Caucasian, heavyset/fat, brown hair and beard



Booker - m, a student Sabrina likes

Brianna Hatch - 18f, Caucasian, curly blonde hair, looks young for her age, girlfriend of Tyler since 10th grade, friends with Jess and Tanvi

Devin - m, a student Sabrina likes

Emma - f, beautiful student, thought by some to be the hottest girl on campus

Isabel - 19f, Hispanic, freshman, Women’s Studies major on a gymnastics scholarship, skilled gymnast

Isabel’s boyfriend, unnamed - Hispanic

Jennifer - f, a student on a gymnastics scholarship, killer bod

Marissa - f, head cheerleader

Simone - f, African-American, in an unofficial relationship with Eric

Tanvi - 20f, Indian, tall, long black hair, friends with Brianna and Jess

Tyler - 18m, Caucasian, blonde hair, thin build, sweet, girlfriend of Brianna since 10th grade



Prof. Alan James - 70m, professor of art history, white hair and beard, heavyset

Prof. Tandy Kline - f, Caucasian, professor of art, short auburn hair, rosy skin, very attractive

Prof. Theresa Vickers - 33f, professor of biology, married, mother of one (Xavier, 6m), pregnant with a second



Ben’s mother, unnamed

Ben’s father, unnamed



Grace Green - 15f, Caucasian, 10th grade high school student, Sabrina’s sister, blonde hair a bit darker than Sabrina’s, has her learner’s permit, never knew her father, one of the youngest in her grade since her birthday is in the summer, cashier at the same grocery store as Sabrina

Lynne Bernier - 43f, Caucasian, Sabrina and Grace’s mother, divorced from her husband shortly after Grace was born, looks basically like an adult version of Sabrina



Eric’s mother, unnamed

Eric’s father, unnamed

Eric’s older brother, unnamed



Lao Meifeng - 51f, Chinese, Maggie’s mother, married to Huan, answers to “Meifeng” “Mei” and “Mrs. Chan”, loves Maggie but pushes her to be more professional and ladylike, dislikes some of Maggie’s wardrobe choices (especially piercings), likes Sabrina a lot but constantly tests Maggie’s friends, enjoys gardening and watching game shows

Chan Huan - 55f, Chinese, Maggie’s father, married to Meifeng, President and CEO of his own company, successful and very rich, owner of a mansion, much gentler toward Maggie than Meifeng is, doesn’t care how Maggie spends money as long as she isn’t reckless

Huan’s brother, unnamed - Vice President of Huan’s company

Huan’s nephew/Maggie’s cousin, unnamed - has a sizable and expensive car collection



Carson Dumont - 18m, Caucasian, waiter at a cafe near campus, gay

Katrina Roberts - 44f, owner of Katrina’s Kitchen restaurant, friends with Meifeng, treats Maggie like family, answers to “Katy”

Oliver - 19m, Caucasian, movie theater employee, curly red hair, excitable, film buff, Ben’s friend

Penny Svardovsky - 21f, Caucasian, adult novelty store employee, bisexual/prefers women, short dark brown hair, petite build, sex addict



Angel Amaro - 15m, Spanish-American, gay best friend of Grace’s social group, curly black hair, pretty much the definition of “twink”

Shelby Fallor - 16f, Grace’s best friend, Caucasian, brown hair, sporty with an athletic build

Wanda Jackson - 15f, Jamaican, long black braids, tall, preppy style, very into American culture
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