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Holiday challenges and strange events. SUMMER CHRISTMAS WRITING CONTEST

Theme: Christmas in summer.


Holiday challenges and strange events.

The day before Christmas at our summer house,
everyone was stirring, even our curious pet mouse.
Our stockings tied on the railing with care, they looked like masks, just hanging there.
We wondered if St Nick was coming despite, Covid scares whispered causing much fright.

Our day very busy preparing for fun, it was warm in the intense summer sun.
In short sleeves, we prepared for our party, doing our best and laughing hearty.
Grandma sat rocking and prayed for everyone, not to get Covid and have lots of fun.
Mom and me cooking for our guests, while brother and father did all of the rest.

As evening drew near grandpa exclaimed with delight, they’re coming, what a beautiful sight.
Our guests came by wagons, they rode their sand sleighs, and we said good-bye to the events of this day
Entering our house to get warm by the fire, it was for food and drink their, greatest desire.
To the dining room we eventually arrived, and the honey also from the huge beehive

Hot drinks sweetened and ready to sip a warm, sweet, and satisfying liquid trip.
Food galore we filled our plates and started all over again this is great.
I thought it was Thanksgiving nope it’s Christmas I declare, and many began to stop eating and to stare.
Forgetting my mask oh my oh dear, it’s a mandate wasn’t this made, very clear?

A mask with a hole for a straw, a velcro flap for eating small bites, hardly anything at all.
We drank and we ate til we were full, but we never forget the mask mandate rule.
Time for desert plenty we had, and it was such a great party wearing masks wasn’t so bad
Our guests left full and they were very happy, while we went to bed leaving our party place crapy

As the sun rose and started to shine, I felt my mask which was brought to my mind.
I wore it to bed such a sleepy head and I didn’t do this with any dread.
Our house so quiet where’s everyone oh my, they're watching for St. Nick hoping soon to arrive.
Hot drinks in their hands as they stood hoping, I’d help clean up without any moping.

We waited all day watching everywhere, but St Nick didn’t show up even if dared.
On this hot and long summer Christmas day, with all those masks would we recognize him anyway?
No sleigh no reindeer could we see, it’s better this way no Covid could be.
Separated and anti-social we’ve become, Christmas is a bah humbug none have won.

As the day dragged second by second, we remembered ‘bout our second amendment.
We needed to clean our tools anyway, so it’s what we did for the rest of Christmas day.
Overworked and very disappointed, our homestead was blessed and well anointed.
Surviving the Covid Christmas party and all, did St Nick catch the Covid was it why Christmas was stalled?

501 words 32 lines

Theme: Christmas in summer.

2699 characters, 501 words. Readability level: 9-10th grade student.
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