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When God has a plan for your life but the devil wants to kill you beforehand.
I will start by saying I know there's a God and he loves me and wants me here for some reason. He has kept me and watched over me every step of the way and my God is God. His name is Jesus Christ and he is my Lord and Savior and he is Lord period. On 11-3-20 I was in a car wreck a person that maybe shouldn't have been on the road driving at all hit me. He stated that I was supposedly driving so fast at one point that he didn't even see me at first. He was driving to do an illegal lane change when he hit me. What really am I Flash or Santa Clause or something? Let me explain it was a sunny warm clear day around noon and you couldn't see me really. He also proceeded to tell the state trooper in front of me that he was a Trumper ie he voted for Trump. What in the world does that have to do with you hitting me you idiot? The state trooper even though he wasn't too friendly did tell me at some point that I need not even respond to the other driver's madness because he was well aware he was lying.

Well, I got through that with only bad whiplash only to be facing down a car fire today. Fast-forward almost 30 days and that same car catches fire after I was told it was totaled but safe to drive. I was driving one moment and trying to get away from the car after prompting from the Holy Spirit told me to get my stuff and get out of the car. Then it spoke and told me to get away from the car because I was busy standing by it having a pitty-party. Once I got away from the car I could see it was on fire under the car, then pretty much the whole car was ablaze at one point. The flame jumped off the car and onto a near-by hill/bank the police and firemen came and put the car out. They asked a few questions and let me go saying it was just something that happened but that whoever told me it was totaled but safe to drive may have been wrong. No, really you think! 2020 PLEASE GO AWAY IS MY PRAYER PLEASE, PLEASE TWICE NO THREE TIMES! God does indeed love me and wants me here because I tried to kill myself and it was a no go, I get hit and have minor injuries and then the car catches fire with me in it and I still don't die.
To tell you how good God is he provides a ram in the bush I was about 30 miles away from home and he sends a ride. He sends a ride in Covid a single mom with 3 kids not any of us have on a mask which stay tuned but I think we will all be okay. I had a mask but that wasn't on my mind at the time. She stayed with me the whole time and then took me all the way home after look at God. I didn't know her at all never saw her ever, ever in life I did pay her for getting me home and thanked her as well.
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