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Delivering gifts was a challenge, Would Christmas be canceled?
While the elves were in the workshop toiling away, the reindeer watched Santa filling his sleigh.
Snow creating a blanket on the ground was causing concern about getting around.
Christmas eve night delivering the gifts, and hoping Santa remembered Anna’s kiss.
A reindeer named Rudolf was on vacation, so Santa harnessed his son, with no hesitation.
As departure time drew near Santa vanquished his fear, and hugged his wife Anna, who was dear.
Rudolph's son bold and confident knew all the routes so off they flew.
They started to fly getting very high and zoomed toward the south, to give this a try.
There shouldn’t be snow in these parts they guessed, but the weather was already quite a horrible mess.
After delivering presents throughout the south they headed north but then turned about.
Other routes they sought by the hour, instead they found nothing but more major snow showers.
Canceling Christmas was never an option, how would they get through this freezing concoction?
They sent up a prayer to the all mighty above, and then He sent down a snowy white dove.
They followed the bird every which way and found the paths to save Christmas day all around.
The gifts were delivered throughout the world and the Christmas banner was quickly unfurled.
High in the sky with shining stars, Merry Christmas showed bright, you could see it from Mars.
It was time to return home again, and Rudolphs son knew how, why, and when.
A safe short route he chooses so carefully, as Santa sang with joy. and with much glee.
When they returned, Santas’ Anna was waiting, she really wanted to go roller skating.
“I have a gift for you my dear, roller skate all you want, without any fear.”
A huge smile she wore on her face, waiting to go to the new skating place.
“It’s the best Christmas I heard from all around, I’m glad you delivered not crashing on the ground.
“Shall we skate and have a Christmas date 'cause our chores and tasks certainly can wait?”
"Let’s go my dear and have some fun for our Christmas day has just begun.”
They enjoyed their day and had lots of fun, but they had to start their work, which was left undone.
Despite the weather and opposition, because of the dove, there was weather contrition.
Christmas was a positive success, and now you know all of the rest.
Merry Christmas to all on this special night, enjoy all of life with great delight.

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