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A bout with Covid and pneumonia
I am extremely lucky, although it didn't seem that way at first.

I wasn't feeling well and when I went to see my doctor, I got screened out of a live visit by the usual Covid questions. I had a cough and a fever and fatigue, so my doctor asked me to get a Covid test. Two days later, while under self quarantine, I received a positive test result.

My family was extremely worried and convinced my poor brother to drive me several miles to get my chest x-rayed. Several hours later I was told I had pneumonia from the Covid! We used precautions in the car (masks, open windows, and coughing my brains out into my jacket) and my brother did not get sick.

I did have a pretty bad cough, and was exhausted for a while. The worst part that I had not heard of was how bad food tasted! For almost 2 weeks I developed a food fear/aversion. I mean, food was poison in my mind!

The California Covid team checked on me twice. The first time to make sure I was in isolation, and the second time just yesterday to clear me after a few questions.

I was able to eat some food today and enjoy it! I am still pretty fatigued and weak, but I never landed in the hospital, and stayed at home with my cats.

I have a way to go to get my strength back, and my house is a mess, but I'll get there. I am so much luckier than so many folks, and I am very grateful.
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